Trigger stuck, any ideas?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Sparkynutz, Dec 23, 2015.

  1. Sparkynutz

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    I bought a used 9mm hipoint carbine from a garage sale up the road from me for $100. I couldn't pass it up. He said it was a pile of junk and hadn't shot it in years. Well 4 years later and it sitting in my gun cabinet I take it to the range to try it out for first time and the trigger is stuck. It acts like the safety is on, but isn't. The trigger moves just a little bit but wont fire. The safety moves just fine and bolt moves freely. It loads and ejects magazine, rounds and snap caps just fine, but will not fire or dry fire either.
    Any ideas on simple things I can try or look for before I go through the hassle and cost of sending it in for service?

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  2. FlashBang

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    It's either not resetting or someone hosed it during a tear down. Tear it down and use the schematic to verify everything is correct. If you not comfortable tearing down the FCG send it in, they'll do a complete overhaul and update it with the latest parts and improvements for free.


  3. midias

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    Tear it down, take pictures and post here. If no one can help send it to mom and she will make it right.
  4. MachoMelvin

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    I wouldn't even mess with it!
    You paid $100 for it. For another $10.92 you can send it to MoM & in 3-4 weeks, receive a basically BNIB gun in return.

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  5. SWAGA

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    See if you can fix it..even if it's just for your own satisfaction.
  6. brownwater

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    Amen to MachMelvin. If it sat for 4 years what's a little more time. Send it in.
    If you just want to mess with it. Tear it down and clean it real good. Every firearm I buy gets torn down,cleaned, inspected then reassembled. Even the new ones. HiPoints are not hard to disassemble. There are enough videos out there with step by step instructions that will guide you. And remember, if you're not sure or hesitant in any way, send it in.
  7. undeRGRound

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    You're gonna have to explain that screen name, it could apply to
    several of us around here... :D Well, 2 of us at least!

    Flash KNOWS. He's a full-On gunsmith, Deluxe... ;)
    My fear is that someone "hosed it" and assembled it wrong,
    and then tried to force it. Internal parts could be damaged,
    and if that is what you find, it may end up getting sent in
    anyway. Ignore Melvin, His $10.xx shipping fee might be
    because he's like "next door" to Hi Point :rofl:
    Your Mileage May Vary... ;)
  8. JandN

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    I'll lay odds that the sear is stuck. After sitting that long, the lube is likely goo. Take it apart and clean and lube with good stuff.
  9. cicpup

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    I'll back his bet. Sear & spring are gummed up with 4 years of corrosion. Second place is the firing pin channel & parts (especially the little hole the firing pin pokes through).
  10. cicpup

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    Explain it? Drop your pants and I'll grab the jumper cables and show you.
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    LOL Thanks for all the input guys. I forgot I posted this with being busy during holidays.
    I'm an electrician by trade and a little crazy or nutz as my friends say so I have used that screen name for many things over the years.

    The guy I bought it from didn't remember the last time he shot it when I bought it so its been way more than 4 years for sure. It doesn't feel like something gummed up, I pulled pretty hard on it with no luck. I might try partially tearing it down to see if anything stands out. I guess I just don't know what I'll be looking for until I see it and figured asking might give me some ideas. Hopefully I can find a teardown video and remove all guesswork. If I find out whats wrong and fix it, should I still send it in to make sure they do a good once over on it? How do you typically send a rifle in? Too many stupid laws and bs. I don't want to get in trouble bringing it to someplace then get it confiscated or called cops on. I have a bb gun box from my kids, might use that if I do send it.

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  12. SWAGA

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    Personally I always watch a couple of YT video's prior to taking anything apart: