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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by OODA_Looper, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. OODA_Looper

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    OK, so I just got a brand new JHP. The gun is amazing but the trigger leaves a lot to be desired. I'd like to take full advantage of the single-action-striker-fired system. Any help?
  2. moona11

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    Shoot it and keep shooting it. It will smooth out.

  3. OODA_Looper

    OODA_Looper Member

    Yeah, but that side to side wobble is killing my happiness.
  4. Browning 9 Guy

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    I finally got used to Hi Pointy triggers same way I got used to Texas Pride beer in a can. It just grows on ya.
  5. OODA_Looper

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    There's an ulterior motive here of course...trying to get a no-kidding single action striker fired pistol with a 3.5 lb pull that is legal for NRA Bullseye. Obviously, safety reigns supreme on the firing line, but after that it's function and precision.
  6. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    You bought the wrong gun if that's your goal.

    You dont buy a Kia if you want to race Formula 1.
  7. SWAGA

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    OODA, search the forum for Shooting Sports Hawaii and you should get some hits on a guy that build a "race gun" JHP for competitions.
    I'm on my phone so difficult to search.
  8. OODA_Looper

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    Actually, my goal in the near term is to improve the trigger because, you know, it sucks.
  9. OODA_Looper

    OODA_Looper Member

    Thank you for the constructive lead, I will run it down. I know I'm not the only one who has gone down this silly road before and it would be interesting to hear from someone who has real experience with this sort of thing.
  10. steve_O86

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    Ooda pm me and I'll be happy to walk you through a few things that will help you with your trigger woes
  11. OODA_Looper

    OODA_Looper Member

    Thanks Steve, PM sent.
  12. tazz2007man1

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    POLISH the trigger parts
  13. engineer40

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    Hi all... I actually joined this forum today to ask the same question. I couldn't find much publicly available info besides the guy on YT that puts a pen spring into his pistol.

    I have about 700 rounds through my .40 in the last 6 months and it doesn't feel it has got any better. Well, I know for sure the pull weight has not changed. I have a trigger pull scale and I am still reading north of 9lbs.

    I called Hi Point. They said I could send it in and they would look at it. But the gentleman on the phone didn't seem to think they could actually improve it. That did not instill confidence for me to put in the effort to mail it back to the factory.

    I read that you can "learn" to control a heavy trigger. I purchased snap caps months ago and practiced a lot. But I still pull the pistol sideways a good bit when I fire.

    I do enjoy my Hi Points (I have a carbine also). I like having something that not everyone at the range has. But my frustration with the trigger increased this weekend. I fired one friend's Sig and another friend's S&W M&P and could immediately shoot both better than my own Hi Point pistol that I have almost 1000 rounds through.

    I'm thinking now in order to have a pistol with under a 9.5lb trigger pull I'll have to move to something else. Is there anybody willing to openly share what they have done to help with their trigger pull weight?

  14. missiledefender

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    You can do lots of dry firing (use a dummy round that will protect your firing pin) or if youre willing, you can take it apart and polish any and all bearing surfaces. The dry firing does the same thing...just slower. The difference is, it's easier to take the metal and plastic off....than put it back on if you screw up.
  15. engineer40

    engineer40 Member


    I see a couple people on here have mentioned polishing the trigger parts. Which I understand that would make the trigger smoother, but not necessarily lighter? Has anyone tested the trigger pull weights before/after a polish job?

    For that matter, what are you guys REALLY getting for trigger pull weights?

    My carbine is around 8.5lbs, which I can live with. My pistol is somewhere over 9lbs. My trigger pull scale stops at 9lbs so I don't know for certain. But it has definitely never broke less than 9lbs. Could be 9.5lbs or 12.5lbs+, I'm not certain...
  16. Old Rock

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    Trigger is really stiff

    I have both a .40 and a .45. Somehow I lost the sear spring to the .40. Mother sent a new one. With the old spring and 2000 rounds downrange the trigger was actually pretty nice. The new spring has made the trigger very hard to pull. I am getting older but have not yet become completely "over the hill". There must be some reasonable solution to this issue. I don't have a spring test gauge but I would guess that the "new spring" trigger pull is in the 8-10 pound range. I have not taken it out to shoot because I am not sure my trigger finger would last very long. I did see the post on Hawaii. Does anyone have any other thoughts? Thanks.
  17. SWAGA

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    I would not mess with sear springs. Maybe HP can send you another replacement.
    It's easy to do a little polishing on the moving parts though.
    Made my trigger much smoother.
  18. Timesbarbershop

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    Came across this on YouTube c/o J. Dalton "Hi Point Gunsmithing"
    1. Disassemble firearm as if to thoroughly clean & lubricate
    2. Remove grip to expose sear cam and trigger arm
    3. Press down on sear assembly to remove sear cam
    4. Polish (remove powdercoat) from back of sear cam and
    gun grease back of cam including small pivot hole
    5. Grease tip of sear cam arm that interacts with trigger arm
    6. Remove sear assembly and grease indentation on bottom
    sear that holds sear spring and also grease sear spring
    7. Reassemble firearm
    Trust me, I'm not the handiest tool in the shed but I took on
    this project and can't believe how trigger action was improved
    200% Took me all of 30 minutes which included disassembly
    and reassembly. Seems like J. Dalton knows his stuff. Also
    check out his magazine fix for feeding problems.
    Hope this helps.
  19. Maybe J.Dalton should try to hire in at the HP design/engineering dept. if he's knows more than they do.A new JHP has a 9 lb trigger pull. So what? These pistols aren't known for their 'finesse'.They're bulky,practical,inexpensive and dependable.I have big hands and strong fingers.I love my new JHP and the pull seems fine.
    Now if your hands are small and fingers a tad weak,there's always a tool for every purpose.Practice with one of these daily..with emphasis on the fore finger.That JHP pull will feel natural after a few weeks.:)
  20. SWAGA

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    There are plenty of ( smaller) ccw guns that have a DA only trigger.
    Some of these little guns have crazy trigger pulls.
    Doesn't seem to be a problem.
    If your aim is a 1.5 lbs competition trigger and you start messing with springs and sears you're looking at trouble.