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  1. Well, I think besides the stock, the 10-round mag, and the fireing pin the most complained about part of the gun is the trigger. Mostly its the heavy pull, but sometimes also that its plastic...... untill now:

    ***Please note: The black one is the original one, the silver one is the prototype.***


    This is the prototype, need to go buy some small drill bits for the two pin holes and the spring hole in the back. Also, need to figure out how to cut the slot in the back.


    If everything works out ok and there is some intrest in it, I may make a small production run.

    What do you guys think?
  2. I EFFIN' LOVE IT!!! Sign me up for first dibs on one of those SEXY MOTHERS!!!!

    Oh, I have an idea, how bout a Mod/Admin challenge?!?!?!?!?!

    Whatever, I want one!

  3. is there any way to make new cam levers to give a better mechanical advantage to lighten the pull?

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    A titanium trigger to go with the titanium firing pin [just what PS ordered :wink: :lol: ]
  5. Sure, just need to figure out if there will be enough travel available and space behind the trigger since it will have to be made deeper. But I dont want to dab into that yet.

    First copy, then improve.
  6. Ari

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    Your one brave guy LOL
  7. I'll just let that one go Ari, don't worry... I don't get mad... I get EVEN!!! HAHAHAHA!!!


    Good one Shooter, you got me on that one.
  8. yeah if you can come up with a lightened trigger pull version i'd take one for sure.
  9. Ridge

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    I'd probably be interested in one that has holes drilled through it, like on Kimber 1911s...

  10. JasonJ

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    ^ ooh! like that!

    if it had the 3 holes in ot.. or even was hollowed out in the middle.. id buy.

    what material did you use? i would probably have one goldplated like on my buckmark.. really sets off a black gun.
  11. Very, very nice! One suggestion: would it be a good idea to put a nylon insert for the trigger pivot pin? I can see metal-on-metal wearing after a while.
  12. Holes probably doable.

    Already tried to skeletonize, not alot of material left, remember, it has a big ol' cut in the back.

  13. Dreamthief

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    that's just plain awesome :)
  14. vallen

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    Bush, Looks like you have access to a CNC. Any thoughts on a replacement for the Operating Handle?
  15. Dreamthief

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    yeah what ever happened to that from the old site?
  16. Yes, I do. I built one in my garage. Still working on the CNC lathe so the handle will have to wait. Already have it desing though:

  17. I traded in my titanium firing pin, and got me a uranium one.

    I am in for a new trigger. What are you thinking price wise???
  18. GlockMan

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    You may what to check into to see if your trigger which is based directly off the Hi-Point design infringes on any Hi-Point Patent first before you take your trigger to market.