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  1. Went to London yesterday to pick my wife up from the airport, and since it was her name day, she decided to do some stuff in London while we were down there, which included a ride on the London Eye, and a guided river cruise on the Thames.

    Big Ben and Parliament from the London Eye:

    It's not a vacation without a pictures where one is making weird faces. Oh, wait, that's my normal face, never mind.

    Actually, this picture took us like fifty tries because some Indian family was at the front of the boat (where we were sitting) getting in the way and being a bit of a disruption; each picture before this one either had one of them prominently in it or we could reach out enough to take the picture:

    And of course, Tower Bridge:
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    You guys look happy together FB!

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    I get to London 2-3 days a week? Oh Io that is!

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  4. My old supervisor lived in London Ohio lol.
    Used to make fun of him for the long drive he had to base (Wright-Patt). And then karma hit us out here and now I'm the one getting made fun of lol.
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    What was his name?
  6. Even though I know you, I won't post his name publicly lol. I'll shoot you a PM.