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    Man, there has become a huge increase in the troll numbers on the Facebook pages. I can't believe that there are that many people who hate so much. Personally if I don't like something, I just stay away, but to each his/her own I guess. Just leaves more HPs for the rest of us.
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    Hi Point HATERS are everywhere!
    They are like cockroaches?

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    Not on Facebook and have no desire to be!
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    I happen to prefer trolls over orcs, blood elves or the undead.

    I like dwarves almost as much as trolls, but forget humans, gnomes & night elves.

    Does this count? :)
  5. There are almost as many trolls. as spam bots posting on this forum.
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    I've never understood the difference between a dwarf and a gnome. Is it a height and weight thing? Where would a midget fit in? Is an Irish hobbit by default a leprechaun? It's all very confusing :confused:
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    I go by the original AD&D versions.

    Dwarves are a little taller, live in mountains and focus on gold metals.
    Gnomes are a little shorter, live in hills and focus on gems.
    Both are short and bearded, but taller than a hobbit/halfling.

    Dragonlance (and later reinforced in Everquest and World of Warcraft) changed gnomes to be smaller, often beardless and a fondness for steampunk technology. This is the version the majority of literature in the genre follow today.
  8. I would love to have the power/rights to blow away the spambot postings on this forum.
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    I do have fun with it sometimes. Just ask Shooter to become an archive monkey, helping clear out the old archives and you'll get the minor powers of a deity, such as I have, in the forum and be able to kill the spam posts. You'll even get handy dandy messages to your inbox when someone reports them. Some of the notes they leave are pretty funny to read.

    That, and I could use some help in the archives. Kirk and I have been toiling away for over a year and we still have thousands of threads to sift through.

    EDIT: 3 archives and 20,000+ threads to be more specific, of the 40,000+ threads in 4 archives we had when I started helping.
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    I have never seen this kind of crap on other forums, I don't get it. And it looks like SOMEONE is actually creating these, judging by the content of the titles. If some have the power to blow them away, why do I still see them?
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    NE Utah
    But Dragonlance and the rest probably borrowed that idea of gnomes as a knowledgeable race from Tolkein. He even had gnomes acting as, essentially, Santa's elves in one story.
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    According to Graham Hancock in his book Supernatural, elves, dwarves, fairies, and all the rest are real, they are manifestations of spirits from another dimension. If you take enough acid, you might see some! Or if you prefer, DMT, mushrooms, etc. The Shamans of South America and Africa achieve altered states by various means to contact the spirit world.
  13. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Or to contact their own imaginations in a way that they feel to be real, due to their altered state.:rolleyes:
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    I don't know, it's a good book, very convincing. He traveled the world and really explored the idea. Fascinating read. When I was a kid, I spent the day with some other kids doing things we shouldn't be doing, and one of them had an encounter with a clown, a common manifestation. I'd like to see that clown, I'd have a chat with him.
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    I had a 150+ post exchange with a 27 year veteran gunsmith about hipoints. He ended up threatening to sue because I said "You bad mouth hipoints because you can't charge $300 to fix a $150 gun." Ahh good times. Still waiting for a 22lr hipoint.