Truck Gun S&W 3000

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  1. I have a chance to pick up a Smith & Wesson model 3000 12 guage pump for less then $200. These shotguns were mainly used as Police guns, and this particular one is about 85%. 18" barrel with wood stock, and forend. I was thinking about grabbing this one up, and keeping it in my truck. Like I said I can get this gun for under $200 including transfer fees. Anybody know anything more about these, and do you all think it's a good deal ??
  2. Here's mine:

    Synthetic stock and forend.

    It's basically identical to the Remington 870. The research I've done on it says its so identical that most parts will interchange.

    Around here there are models similar to mine with the pistol grips for $199, so if yours has the wood it's probably a good deal.

    It's a great gun!