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  1. My 380 was having serious feed problems. I called Mom and got new firing pin and springs. I'm going to take it to a friends house and give the pistol another try. At what point do I send the gun back for repair?
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  2. adam01364

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    Right after it fails at your friends. OR you can post some pics of the failures and one or more of us can try to help.
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  3. Hipointer

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    Yeah OP, just like the above post says, your not giving us much to go on here.
  4. Dave4903

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    If the empty brass is part of the jam then you might try a new extractor.
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  5. Hipointer

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    OP seems to be AWOL. Maybe he fixed his problem? :D
  6. 2012gt

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    So it's working now?
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  7. sharyn master sports

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    Send it back to hi point. Their customer service is great. Just to let you know, hi point firearms work best with factory mag's.
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  8. cicpup

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    When you no longer have the skill or patience to fix it.
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    Weird thread.
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