Trying different ammo brands

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    i got some ammo delivered I had ordered online. I was thinking what I was using was not working out. (WWB)
    I used the WWB as a baseline, and also tried Northern Hills 135 grain And some CCI 165 FMJ. New brands for my 4095. The CCI is aluminum cased.

    I also put a Bushnell scope on the gun that I had ordered for my AR. Got the scope sighted in (mostly), and started shooting.

    First picture is the Winchester White Box ammo.
    I confess the lousy accuracy of this stuff had me doubting my ability and the gun's accuracy. I did not realize how bad it is until today.

    All shooting done at 25 yds, using my elbows on the shelf for my lane. Probably could have done a little better using a good bench rest for testing. Nothing like that at this range.

    The WWB is all over the target

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  2. Dohrmc

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    Ammo testing

    Next up is the Northern Hills 135 FMJ. It is remanufactured, fancy name for a reload, I guess.
    Huge surprise as I checked the target. Much better grouping.

    Still fiddling with the scope, but this is 10 shots at 25 yds.

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    Ammo test

    Last up was the CCI Blazer, which I had not tried. Better grouping and accuracy. I think I will stick with CCI.

    One more scope adjustment to go. Never used a 1/10 mil scope before.

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  4. Dohrmc

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    Ammo test

    Last 5 shots after what I hoped was a good scope tweak. I am really glad I did this.
    A very accurate little gun. I was shooting better with the 1 power scope.

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  5. OldOutlaw

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    You did very well there. Yes, different ammo can make a huge difference.
  6. Dohrmc

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    I had no idea it was that drastic between brands. My education continues.
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    I picked up pretty quick that WWB was not a line of ammo I trusted . The audible variations shot to shot were so drastic out of my pistol I started checking constantly for squibs . I will say the audible variations were pretty light In my Carbine .
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    I had never done a lot of shooting with a pistol. Always been a long gun guy. When I got a handgun, I always bought a couple of boxes of good ammo and shot some, then put it away til the next time.

    Next time was usually pretty far off.

    Since I got the 4095, I have been shooting it at a rate that for me is a lot of shooting. So, I bought cheap stuff that was available.

    Info on this forum really helped me out in that regard. I thought the lousy groups were my bad shooting.

    Which really made my chili hot, because I have always been a decent shot. (Optional rhyming part)

    Now that I know, this I can tell,
    This little gun, I will never sell.
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    I don't keep that good a record on handgun ammo but on my rifles I keep a notebook.

    I have a lot of rifles but I mostly stick to the same ammo on the 308, 7mm and 270 winchester.

    But mainly I shoot my 10/22 that has been tuned a little bit.

    There is so much difference between 22LR I have written in my notebook where I need to be on the scope at different distances.

    I can shoot a couple different brands of ammo in a 4" group at 125 yards but that's about as far as I can get and still be accurate. Remington ammo sucks and I don't waste my time past a 100 yards