Trying to decide between .380 and .40 for next gun

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  1. Amistad

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    Though I'm an old man, I have just recently gotten into the handgun scene. Just a few days ago, I received my CHL and I've been carrying either a .357 wheel gun or a .45 semiauto as I get used to having a weapon alongside. I don't really "need" another gun at present, but it would be nice to have some protection in my truck if I needed such when I'm not carrying. However, I don't want to put one of these higher-priced pieces in there, in case of break in and theft of same...

    I'm willing to give a Hi-Point a try in my next purchase. Whatever I get will likely become a permanent "truck gun", but it might also be one that I would carry from time to time. I'm thinking that I should get either a .380 or a .40 caliber. If you can offer some insight as to what would be my best choice (given the meager info that I've posted here), I'd be much obliged for your help... Thanks!

    Happy shooting!


    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Go with the 40 S&W almost the same as a 45 but with more range then a 380 also ammo is cheaper. As this is for self defence you can get Winchester Ranger LEO ammo

  3. Sakdog

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    I would vote for the .40 because in my neck of the woods .380 ammo is ridiculous expensive 29.99 (I think) for WWB at wally world and .40 is only $21.80 per 10 WWB at wally world.. Pair this with the extra punch of a .40.. and you have a winner. The size/weight is also an issue as you know the .40 is quite a bit larger than the .380... So if you decided on the .380 I would spend the $15-20 and just get the C-9 (Same Size gun as the CF-380) youll make the cost difference up in cost of ammo.. I think overall you will be very happy with either the C9 or .40
  4. Amistad,

    Welcome to the HPFF!

    If this gun is going to ride in your truck, and not on your side, then I would definitely go with the .40 because its a much better caliber when it comes to defensive needs.

    If you really want the HiPoint CF380 then by all means get it. But consider this, the HiPoint C9 9mm is of identical size and almost the same weight as the CF380. Ammo for 9mm is better for defense and much cheaper to shoot, so you will shoot it more and become more proficient with your handgun.

    Something else to consider here too. You already shoot .45acp so why not consider the HiPoint .45acp pistol? It's the same size as the HiPoint .40 and you are already set up to shoot .45acp, so logistically it would be easier just because you dont have to add another type of ammo to your shopping list.

  5. Welcome and good question. If this is really going to be in your truck most of the time, go with the larger caliber. The suggestion to consider a .45 for ammunition compatibility is a good one.

    Should you decide you need something smaller for concealed carry, look at the small .380s. The Hi-Point .380 is large enough that it is really not the best choice for hide-out or BUG; you might as well go with a larger caliber. And, the 9 is hardly any bigger while the ammo is more powerful and substantially cheaper.
  6. makarovnik

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    Get the .40S&W and use a good vertical shoulder holster.
  7. Actually the 9mm, which is right in between your choices, may be a good alternative also. Cheap ammo and decent power.
  8. Rimshot

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    Why not both ? $$$
  9. Ari

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    Get a truck safe and stick a nice C9 in there.. The C9 is the same size of the .380 and you get way more of a round in 9mm. I would do 45 before I would ever do 40....

  10. I do have to give the .40 cal credit though. I have shot .45acp all of my adult life, and just started with the .40 since I discovered the Hi Point weapons, and I am impressed with the round in general.

    I would hate to have to choose between them.
  11. Amistad

    Amistad Guest

    Many, many thanks to one and all who replied to my question. I think it's safe to say that I have now ruled out getting a .380. I had not really considered getting a .45 semi since I have a Ruger P345 that I love to shoot. As far as the 9 mm possibility, I'm not really sure why, but that one just doesn't appeal to me for some reason. Anyway, I'll now need to ponder between the .40 and .45 for a truck gun. You guys are the best! Thanks again!

    'contemplating in Texas'
  12. hipoint.nut

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    I vote for the 9mm, or the .45. I am not a big fan of .380 or .40.
  13. I vote .40. .380 ammo is expensive and minimally effective for my money.
  14. As far as the 9mm, remember that it is a military round that has been around almost a century now. It would not have lasted that long if it did not have good qualities.
  15. s0b3

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    TX DPS went from 9mm to 357 sig due to a few instances where 9mm failed to stop someone. I would say with all the calibers available now for self defense, the .40 s&w is the best round in terms of capacity (lose 2 rounds over 9mm), weight, and velocity. But a +P 9mm definitely has it's place.
  16. Mumbles

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    I gotta agree with the C9 (9mm)
  17. Dont own one, but from what I hear there is very little difrence in size and weigh between the 380, 9 and 40. I would go with the 40 if you can handle the power, 9 if you want cheap ammo. Would not even consider the 380.
  18. urotu

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    Welcome aboard man, and nice choices between the pistols, both owned and thinking of owning.

    I would vote for the .40, but I like my .380 also. The .40 is a better round, and the HP .40 is a good little pistol.

    The C9 and the CF380 are about the same size. The .40 is the same size (and frame) as the .45, and it's definitely bigger than the other two. But not that much.

    I'd go with the .40 if given the choice between the two.

    that's my .02
  19. hpman

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    I'd go with a c9 only because of the cost of ammo ($16 vs $21 for 100wwb). I liked the idea of the .45 since you already shoot .45 though.
  20. Amistad

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    Again, thanks to all who replied.

    There's a gun show near here this weekend. After giving this issue a good deal of thought, I think I'll be better off getting a H-P .45. As someone mentioned, I already like shooting this caliber (will likely soon be reloading this caliber), so staying with the .45 seems to be a good choice.