Trying to find good/affordable 20ga shotgun for the GF

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    ok.. so now that ive gotten myself a few new toys... im beginnimg to try to score a good/affordable 20ga shotgun for my gf. she loves shooting. love hand guns. loves shooting rifles... but when we step up to the mosins and the 12ga shotgun... the recoil is too much for her. hurts her.. even low brass loads. so.. im looking for a 20ga. ive never shot a 20 but from what ive been told... its much reduced recoil and still an effective load. not tryin to go down to a 410 for her.
    so... what ive got in mind.. and im open to any suggestions.. but i know they make a H&R Pardner pump compact in 20ga... and we all know H&Rs are one of the most affordable shotguns on the market... along with savage stevens.. i have a friend who has the h&r pardner pump protector 12ga.. and its been a great shotgun to him. no probs. but i can not seem to locate a h&r pardner compact in 20ga. any1 know where to look? also... i dont know if savage stevens makes a 20ga. but if they do that might be something to look into.

    but what im looking for is somethin that either comes with a pistol grip style stock.. or something that can be modified to a 6pt adjustable pistol grip stock. somethin that can be modified for HD and recreational shooting.. also any kind of shtf stuff. tryin to avoid payin the price for a mossy 500 in 20 or rem 870 in 20.. stuff like that.. tryin to stay in the savage and h&r economy price range lol anybody have any ideas or suggestions.. let me know

  2. Find someone with a 20ga pump for her to try out first. Honestly the recoil isn't that much reduced. Probably not less than the "reduced recoil" or "light loads" they make for 12ga.
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    all my nephews started out at a young age using the mossy 500 20ga with a youth stock and my neice which was 18 at the time loved my older mossy 20 ga with a wooden stock the recoil was mild for them. but we we're using bird shoot to shot skeet with and teaching her how to use a shotgun.
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    I doubt you will have much luck finding one with the features you want, without paying good money for it.
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    I have an H & R 20ga single shot break barrell and it's still a boomstick. I think its chiappa that makes an over under .22lr/410 combo. I dont think its too expensive. I think its called the double badger.
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    You could always buy a Maverick 88 and get a Tapco 6 position stock. That'd give you an adjustable stock equipped with pistol grip from a good company.

    As another poster noted, you can get reduced recoil 12 gauge loads to help keep the pain to a minimum.
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    NE Utah
    I also have rarely met a 20 that felt like it kicked less than a 12. I have a break action youth sized Rossi that is miserable to shoot, I mean three shells and I'm done, I'd rather shoot 40 shells from a Mosin than 5 from the light 20.

    My SIL has a Winchester 101 O/U in 20, it points like a dream, and doesn't punish you. But it's a high dollar item.

    I've never shot a semi shotgun other than my Saiga, reportedly, some of them are pretty soft shooting. The Saiga is heavy enough that it's lighter kicking than my break action or pump 12's.

    The old 28 gauge was a good light gun...but they and the ammo aren't cheap.

    You might need to just bite the bullet and spend the money to get a gun that fits her right, or go .410.
  8. I stepped down to the .410 for my wife. bought a walmart special moss. 500 for $210. right now its the field model and is fun to shoot clays.

    My plan is to chop the stock, and barrel down to an OAL of 26.5 (or what ever is legal) and then buy another stock and barrel for field and HD options.

    problem with the .410 is, its hard to find anything other than what mossberg makes for it. which is why i'm going to cut everything and buy the normal stuff again.
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    NE Utah
    Why do you need other stuff?:confused:

    It's a shotgun, you point it and shoot it.
  10. no "other stuff"

    My plan is just a cut down gun, for HD, and then having the field length stuff on hand for clay shooting, dove hunting.

    so 2 barrels and stocks for one gun. is that much different than just having 2 guns?
  11. I use to be really big into collecting shotguns and for awhile i was trying to get all kinds of different styles. I think for what your looking for get her a Maverick 88 20ga with pistol grip and purchase the ATI 6 position stock for it. This will give her two different ways of shooting the gun, either pistol grip hip firing or shoulder firing with just a quick change of the stock. While pistol grips look cool, they are highly ridiculous and uncomfortable to shoot. The only reason I kept some pistol grip shotguns was for the cool factor and to add to my collection, but honestly they suck for real world use. I have this exact gun for sale right now actually haha, mainly because I don't shoot 20 ga anymore. I got the gun for $199 and the ATI stock at the gun show for $110 after talking the guy down. Recoil like others have said is still decent, maybe a 10% reduction, but not enough to make a huge difference. Something you can do until she gets use to the recoil is buy a strap on shoulder pad for her to wear while shooting it. It won't jam her shoulder as bad because of the extra pad and she may hang in there longer with it which will make her more comfortable. Just my .02.
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    NE Utah
    I see. That makes sense.:)
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    Got my H&R pardner 20 ga from Basspro. Only $199 . Use only for banging clay all day. Works great, maybe 800 rds so far and still works great. Just something cheap for fun. Shoot 100 in one day and shoulder was fine.
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    I would look at the Maverick 88. They have a youth model with a 22 inch barrel for less than $200. Most Mossberg 500 20 gauge parts will fit, all except for the trigger group and forearm I think, so you could replace the stock with a Mossberg collapsible. Also has a safety located in the front of the triggergaurd, so it's a bit friendlier for a pistol grip than a tang safety.
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    The Maverick 88 is a very dependable Shotgun if You are looking for a in expensive 20. The Maverick 88 also excepts many of the aftermarket accessories the Mossberg 500 does such as ATI Pistol Grip Stock.
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    thanks for all the replies guys. yeah i am very familiar with the maverick 88... i have one in 12 ga. with the 18inch barrel.. pistol grip and fixed stock.and everything on the 88 and the 500 are the same except the location of the safety... which is located next to trigger on 88 and is on top side of reciever right in front of stock on 500. which i believe changes the trigger group everything else is interchangeable between the 2.
    yeah right after i posted the thread.. i got on CTD and saw they had the pardner pump compact and a mossy 88 in 20. prolly gona go with 1 of those 2 options. both are customizable. BUT if ur saying that a 20ga doesnt have that much less felt recoil... it makes me wonder.. bc ppl have recommended to me that i get her a 20.. ppl that she has talked to have also recommended her to a 20. BUT if theres not a big difference.. then maybe lookinto .410. but maybe a 20 with a recoil absorbing stock could soften if up enough for her. I just want her to have a shotgun of her own that she actually enjoys shooting. and can confidently use if the need ever arose. prolly gona go the mav 88 in 20 with a recoil reducing stock.. bc i know i can get aftermarket parts for the well as the fact shes already familiar with mine.
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    i know this is gonna sound weird but did she wear very good hearing protection and i mean maybe plugs and muffs at the same time. my brothers wife said that shooting anything larger than a 22lr hurt her. one day we were all out shooting and she forgot her foam ear plugs so since my son wasn't with us she used his better ear muffs and she was able to shoot both the 9mm and 357 handguns and on another day she shot a 12ga shotgun. she equated the loud sounds next to her ears with pain not sure why or how it worked but i wish you the best of luck.

    its been my experience that some of the adjustable stocks absorb the recoil naturally because they give the stock a little flexibility that translates into reduced recoil when it hits my shoulder. (this being said i don't find myself particularly recoil sensitive.) most of the stocks i've used also come with better recoil pads than any stock mossberg or remington i've ever shot.

    a couple boxes of light recoiling 12ga are cheaper than a new gun. i would try some specially mad low recoil rounds not just low brass before i went looking for a whole new caliber to stock.

    hope this helps.
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    My wife is fairly small and her main problems were:

    1. She couldn't shoulder the 870 correctly as the stock was too long
    2. She doesn't listen very well lol

    So she put the stock right on her rotator cup and pulled the trigger.
    That hurt for a month and I has to hear about it every day.
    Partially because she never wanted to shoot it again I sold it.
    Mainly because I found something cooler but partially for her.
    She hasn't shot it yet but I've got a 1930 Remington model 11 at the gunsmith getting the barrel cut from 28 to 18.5
    Semi auto so that should soak up some of the recoil.

    Couple of years ago I was shooting sporting clays with a buddy and I was surprised at the difference between the semi auto I was shooting and the over-under he was using even with #7 sporting loads.
    Especially if you don't shoulder it quite right.
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    i meant to mention that length of pull with the adjustable stock but forgot it when my brain got ahead of my fingers typing.

    Since she's your gf still you may be able to teach her to do something but if you put a ring on her finger just hire someone to teach her how to run a shotgun. As soon as that ring goes on her finger she knows your an idiot she doesn't just think you might be an idiot anymore. (the above was a general staetment towards wives in general no ones wife in particular.)