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  1. I am thinking about ordering one for my 995. Anyone done this yet and how easy is it to replace?
    I have the ATI on mine now. Is it better then the ATI one?
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    I really like my TS stock and won't switch. That's just me, though.

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    I just ordered a TS stock last night.

    Never had much luck with the ATI stock I purchased. It didn't ever seem to fit quite right.
  4. I had the ATI and now have the TS. For me, the TS gives a more natural shooting position (especially with a foregrip). As for changing it out, it should take less than 20 minutes. No modifications are needed, unlike my ATI. I recommend calling HP and ordering the new trigger, as well. It was free when I called. Much improved over the original. That way you can change it out when you change your stock. Here's mine:
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    Do you guys want to sell your ati stocks if so are they in good shape and how much ?
  6. Can you remove the stock from a classic and fit it with a TS? Sorry to derail. I'm new here. :'( Is the TS one solid piece of polymer stock to forend? and the ATI - this is a one piece? They are switchable? Thanks!
  7. Yes, you can take the stock off a classic and replace it with a TS. Or you can send the classic in to HP and have them replace the stock with the TS for you. I believe the stock is actually two halves split right down the middle.

  8. I like my ATI but I like what the TS has to offer. for $40 shipped I think I will order one.
    I swore I saw on the sight the new guns have a bolt hold open on last shot? Is that a moddification that can be done to the old 995s....
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    NE Utah
    The new TS guns DO have LRHO, and no, they can't retro-fit the classic.
    I have an original TS, a chromed classic in a TS stock, one ATI, and my 4095 is still a monkey gun...love 'em all...
    But I actually like the ATI the most.
    The new TS guns will fit the ATI, but need some work to make the LRHO fit inside, as there is a clearance issue.
    I'd say get the TS, and if you like it, good. If you wanted to try an ATI later, give it a try...you could sell whichever stock you didn't prefer, and not lose much cash.
  10. So a classic 995 will not accept the TS or ATI conversion??? Thanks again. I'm new here!
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    The classic 995 will accept the new TS stock quite easily (but does not have the LRHO feature available that the all new TS carbine has). The classic will also fit the ATI stock, but many folks have had to do some minor trimming on the ATI stock where the bolts go through the stock (especially the front receiver bolt.) Several threads posted about the ATI stock conversion. Read up and just take your time. IIRC there is also a You Tube on it.
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    IMHO, if you have a classic in an ATI, then keep the ATI. The TS stock was an attempt to improve the looks of the 995, and was somewhat successful in achieving that (sort of). But ergonomically, it's still light years away from the ATI stock. I don't think any science went into the TS stock design, just some ribs & rails to make it look better. The ATI stock really is a much better stock from the rigidity, comfort and design perspective.
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    i prefer the ati stock myself i have 1 on my 995 but they dont make 1 for the 4095 i saw on hp web sight the 4095 ts will be released in march im gonna try to get my hands on the ts for the 4095 i guess since they dont make an ati for it
  14. It seems that those who have the ATI stock here like them. I put one on my 995 classic and now find that looking through the sights are almost impossible and is very uncomfortable. Has anyone had this problem and is it fixed by changing out sites to a lasser or scope?
  15. what you should do is just go buy the ts! then you have one of each and can shoot which ever one you want
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    That should douple your pleasure - i was talking about the guns! :D
  17. The TS stock is what really sold me on buying a brand new 995TS instead of waiting to find a used "older" model 995 and up-grading it with the ATI stock. It seems like the factory TS stock has about everything you could want. Just an opinion.