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    Yesterday I bought three boxes of Tula 223 55g steel and shot 'em at the range with my MP15. That's the first time I've shot steel and it ate 'em up like candy. Glad to know that since they're really cheap ($5.50/20 at Walmart).

    Accuracy's pretty much the same as with other 223/556 but they shot good. I wouldn't mind stocking up on them for SHTF but they're pretty dirty. I've been stocking up on ZQI 556 62g for such as occasion and only a few cents more per round. Also they're brass cased and boxer primed (and steel tipped). They shoot very well in my MP15.

    ETA: whoops, misspelled the title. :rolleyes:
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    You know what's really dirty? The ammo we shot in the Army. There was some serious cleaning required after only 40-80 rounds.

    Glad you've discovered the goodness of cheap steel ammo.:p

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    I've bought a few boxes of the zqi, but hadn't shot em yet.... Glad to hear they're decent.... As far as the Tula, my AR seems to like em good enough.... They are nasty dirty though.

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    I bought some in .40 for my Glock and the carbine. Some had rust right off the shelf on the rim. Long term storage better be vacuum packed. My $.02

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    Stop crying about dirty ammo you bunch a babies ;)

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    I agree with SWAGA
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    I will say your taste in clothes is gettin better, Capt. Flip-flops!
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    And you can buy in bulk for even cheaper.
  10. I have shot a lot of that tula 223 out of my AR it works great no problems. What I don't understand the 223 and 7.62x39 tula was the same price $4.95 a box but now the 223 is $5.50 but the 7.62 stayed the same price.

    I do enjoy being able to buy 2-3 boxes a week and not break the back just put it on the shelf with the others and watch the pile grow.(at least until range day)
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    That WC 844 powder used in military 5.56 is a dirty burning powder. I don't know why General Dynamics still uses it when H335 has the same burn properties. But I guess since they bought the Olin company and now own the powder making side of things they can make the ammo cheaper using their own powder.

    I think the reason it burns so dirty is due to the flash suppressing agent they put in it. Not sure though since the powder is not commercially available and only used by GD to make the militaries 5.56.