Tulammo 9mm 1000rd cases

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  1. I had my eye on some Tulammo 9mm steel cased ammo 1000rd cases from a couple of different sources but was waiting until I burned through my current Winchester garbage(which my carbine HATES). Checking again today, I can't seem to find what I was looking at on any of the common ammo sites. I was looking at this:


    It is out of stock in all of the places I have looked, where they had plenty of stock just a few days/weeks ago.

    I am new to shooting, only been doing it for a few months, and just wanted to take this opportunity to learn. Does this happen often? Why have ALL of the online retailers run out of stock in the past few days, all at the same time?

    This probably seems trivial and irrelevant, but I'm just trying to figure out how the ammo import/supply chain works. TIA.
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    It happens, try silver bear, tons of 500 round boxes, also online I ordered some magtech, seemed to come out just a touch more expensive

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    I wonder if it has anything to do with the current situation in Russia? It seems like the price and availability of some Russian guns have fluctuated recently as well.
  4. I guess I hadn't even thought of our relations with Russia. I wonder if Tula stopped exporting some time ago and the retailers just ran out of stock?
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    I just got an email from CTD for 7.62x39 Tula, 1000 rounds for $215.00
    While I despise CTD for their business practices, that is a good price in today's market.

    With the fear of Ebola, I wonder how many people will start buying more ammunition thinking they need to prepare for a worse case scenario??

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    I noticed freedom munitions has ZERO 5.56 or .223..... Slim on a lot of 9mm
  7. Try gunbot.net . It gives you an up to date listing of all the current ammo prices. Several different ways to search too.
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    + on gunbot.net

    I always have it running in the background at home and work and have the ding set to loud. You can set your own price per round that you want to have highlighted and can sort by price per round for a lot of different rounds.

    It also has reloading supplies, but finding what you want is difficult even with the site.
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    Get 1 box of 50 rounds of tulo just to make sure your gun likes them first. Some guns are strange about ammo.
  10. I commandeered some Tula from a friend who was shooting it thru his Glock and my carbine ran smoother with that than the Winchester White Box. No idea why that would be but I suppose it happens.

    I'll have to try gunbot, sounds handy.

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    Get on the list at Freedom and be ready to pull the trigger when you get the alert.
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    Howdy outlaw!...... Any more Swede's in the works?
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    Yes Bull, I have gotten one or more since I posted in the C&R Section I think.
    I may post one or two if you guys are interested.
  15. Hi OldOulaw show t them all l love the Swedes.
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    Heck ya!....... Love em.
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    Just posted 1 of 2 a bit ago in the C&R section.
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    Wal-Mart has been selling aluminum case Federal 9mm for $9.97/box lately. Your carbine might like it.
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    Freedom Munitions has (70) 1K round cases of re-manufactured round nose 115gr. 9mm for $194.39 each, plus free shipping to first time customers. They're out of 1K round cases of new round nose 115gr. 9mm, but show they have (86) 250 round boxes at $53.20 each which would make 1K rounds cost $212.80. Either one is a better deal than the Tula.
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    I got one from Freedom about some new 124gr 9 recently..........

    Aluminum Feds is da schnitzel! I ate 2 boxes of it like candy........