Turkey choke for a mossberg 500

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    I am going to start turkey hunting this year for real and am having trouble finding a Turkey choke tube for a decent price. I have a mossberg 500 20 ga and it is difficult to find a choke for a 20 Ga. If anyone can help I would asppreciate it.
  2. I have used the 12 ga. version of this choke for my remington 870s. Only got drawn once out of four years and didn't draw down on turkey.:( However after getting this choke, as many different turkey loads as I could find, and a box of butcher paper I spent an afternoon patterning the shotgun to find the best combination for hunting. May not have gotten my turkey yet but have taken several geese from 60-85 yards with #6 heavyshot.:D :D

    EDIT; Undertaker 19.99 + shipping

  3. Dude, get the UnderTaker choke for the Mossberg. I have it and I killed 2 birds with 1 shot.