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Turkey Hunting... Explained

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These professional turkey hunters visually show you how to hunt turkey. This video has given me great insight on how to bag a gobbler, and I just wanted to share it with all you good people...

PS: This is brought to you by the same people that did the "Turkey Rap" video PrimalSeal shared.
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OMG!!! I got tears in my eyes!!! HA!HA!HA! That is funny.
I love how the dog doesn't even phase them...
I've been doing it all wrong!!
That video is effin' EPIC!
that was highly entertaining!
thanks for sharing
Most excellnt! Now I'm ready for Grizzly!
...aaaaand my evening just got better!

Awesome! Thank you!

WOW.... just.... WOW I was crying at the end of it!
When he "shot" him it was awesome. That is seriously hilarious.
I lol'ed the hardest when the shot was taken and the dude started flopping, then the shooter runs over and grabs him by the legs and starts swinging him around... LOLZ! That is EXACTLY how it happens when you shoot a bird, to a T.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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