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Turkish Sterling 9mm ammo question

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Has anyone here used any of this ammo and if you did I have a couple of questions. Do you recall if the boxes you purchased were labeled as Reloads or there was no mention leading you to believe it was new, fresh cases ammo?

I'm asking as I've read many reviews, many bad and many ok. Many reports and complaints about cases being out of spec and jamming in barrels. These reports of jams seem to concise with the boxes labeled as Reloads. Others report all ok but can't say if the boxes were labeled reloads.

I unfortunately purchased alot of this ammo and it's on the way to me at the moment. Going by the image provided by Outdoor Limited I am under the impression I am receiving fresh non reloaded case ammo. I usually do my homework but this time around I didn't and here I am questioning my purchase.
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Good luck with that. Besides....watcha gonna do when they tell you? It’s still going to get dropped on your porch.

I’m 100% in the “wait and see” camp. Especially since you don’t know if it will run in your specific gun, no matter what it is.
I'll update after this upcoming weekend. I should have the ammo this Friday and will take it to the range over the weekend. I'll be running it through the C9, a CZ P-01 and a CZ 2075 Rami in case you're interested in what the ammo will be fired through.
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The RAMI is an interesting little piece!
Yes it is, chunky but i love it.

Now for the ammo, I only ran through three boxes of ammo, new, not reloads and I'm reporting 0 issues. While three boxes is not a good sample size I'm leaning toward all the reported failures being with the reloads. Few people that did report issues actually mentioned whether they were using the reloads or fresh ammo. Take what I say with a grain of salt but so far so good.

I'll probably run through another 150 this upcoming weekend, will report back once again.
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Final report on this, I ran another 200 through a Shield, an XD, and a Rami. The only issues I had were with the Rami where I got what seemed like light primer strikes. I had 5 incidents out of roughly 100 rounds where the round did not go off but once again, that was in the Rami so I will attribute that to the gun itself and not the ammo.

I'm going to clean up the Rami as I've never fully stripped it and detailed it. For now, I have another 1100 rounds of this stuff to test with and will see if the Rami continues to fail to fire the ammo after a full cleaning and test with other ammo to see if the Rami continues to fail to fire random rounds although I've never had a problem with it. I'm thinking it could be hard primers if it's not the gun with the issue.

So it seems you are mostly ok if you buy the factory fresh ammo and not the reloads from Sterling.
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