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Turkish Sterling 9mm ammo question

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Has anyone here used any of this ammo and if you did I have a couple of questions. Do you recall if the boxes you purchased were labeled as Reloads or there was no mention leading you to believe it was new, fresh cases ammo?

I'm asking as I've read many reviews, many bad and many ok. Many reports and complaints about cases being out of spec and jamming in barrels. These reports of jams seem to concise with the boxes labeled as Reloads. Others report all ok but can't say if the boxes were labeled reloads.

I unfortunately purchased alot of this ammo and it's on the way to me at the moment. Going by the image provided by Outdoor Limited I am under the impression I am receiving fresh non reloaded case ammo. I usually do my homework but this time around I didn't and here I am questioning my purchase.
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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