Turning in guns for food in NY

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    Found this article today about the Groceries for Guns program in Johnson City NY held this weekend. JC is part of the area I live in called The Triple Cities.

    Scrolled down to read some of the comments and found a good one.


    Johnson City, NY (WBNG Binghamton) People traded in guns for groceries certificates Saturday afternoon.

    It was the fifth annual Groceries for Guns event, which happens every year on Mother's Day weekend.

    People with firearms were able to give them up in exchange for gift certificates for food.

    "I have quite a few of them and I need to get rid of some of them. I haven't used them in ten years. I can turn them in and get something out of them. Some money or gifts or whatever," said Tom Lorson of Vestal.

    A working handgun, rifle or shotgun equaled a $50 gift certificate, and $100 for assault rifles.

    This year, 41 guns and three non-working guns were turned in.

    "It's a safety issue. It's a peace issue. We've got to get the guns out of homes where there may be little children, you know, people who have mental health issues," said Helene Gilroy, organizer of the event.

    Guns that didn't work were still taken, but no gift certificate was given in exchange.

    All guns turned in will be destroyed by members of the Sheriff's Office and people who turned in weapons were granted complete amnesty.

    The St. James Peace and Justice Committee sponsored the collection.

    Patrick James Kelly · Top Commenter · Dobbins/ Randolph AVTS

    First off, let’s get one thing straight about the NRA. The NRA cares as much about anyone’s rights as McDonalds cares about how much fat is in their fries. The NRA is all about lining its slimy pockets with money and anything after that takes a distant second place. Anyone who cannot see this is either a fool, extremely gullible or in dire need of psychiatric assistance before you hurt yourself or a member of your family. If you believe that alleged gun rights lobbied for by the NRA in America today have anything to do with either rights or the Second Amendment then you need your head examined. It’s all about the money. Just the money.

    The vision the NRA has for America is for citizens to purchase as many guns as its fear mongering advertising campaigns will permit. They essentially want all Americans to believe there is a national crisis of core values whose answer coincidentally is for everyone to plunk down their hard earned cash and buy a gun or better yet 2 or 3 assault rifles with high capacity magazines. And why does the NRA propose you should do this? Not for protection from violent crimes because statistics show violent crime has been decreasing for many years. No it is because we all need to prepare ourselves for the great war all Americans are going to fight between America’s citizens and our government. You know, the one where police, FBI and other government agencies all of a sudden become the enemy and start invading people’s backyards and homes in a quest to turn America into a police state. Come on. Where is your common sense?

    I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to go out to a restaurant and see the couple sitting next to us packing handguns and an AR-15. Maybe it’s me, but the idea that John Q. Citizen should have some right to sit next to me in a public place with enough firepower to kill me, my wife and my children anytime the whim strikes that particular person just doesn’t seem right. Of course, I could do like the NRA wants and rush out to the nearest gun store and load up with guns and ammunition so I can defend my family if this guy has a few too many drinks and goes off the deep end. Or I can just cut my evening short and return home and lock all the doors so no other gun touting nuts can impose upon my freedoms and right to peace and security.

    This whole gun control issue has reached the point of absurdity. What right should anyone have to carry firearms in public? Who are they to threaten me because they are armed and I am not? Don’t I have an inalienable right to not carry guns into the streets and still feel safe? Surely the Second Amendment was never meant to grant anyone the power to walk around acting like they are the police or wannabe heroes who believe they have some duty to dish out frontier justice if the chance will just present itself. The obvious truth is that the very people who would want to walk around in public with a firearm are the last people any of us should want to be able to so. These are the same people who lie awake at night dreaming and hoping that tomorrow will be the day they can pull the trigger and turn their fantasy of killing someone into reality. Then and only then will they get the respect they know they deserve. If we have laws that protect the public from secondhand smoke, shouldn’t we have even stricter laws that protect the public from getting hit in the head by a stray bullet fired from the gun of someone who failed the police entrance exam due to mental problems?

    It seems the time has come to enact very strict federal and state legislation that restricts the possession of guns in all public places with highly severe penalties exceeding 10-years in prison for anyone breaking that law. Surely our own children deserve that protection. It’s time we get tough on guns in America and start putting all the sick paranoid and highly dangerous gun fanatics in prison where their disturbed fascination with killing toys will not add to the gun slaughter currently taking place every day in America. The eight children who died yesterday did not have to die. Neither did the 75-adults who were also killed by guns. We The People hold the real power in the gun debate and should use that power to stop all the needless killings by voting any legislator out of office who represents the interests of the NRA over the American people. Please, let’s do this thing.
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    I hope that retard gets a good ass kicking when he gets mugged.... And a ccw'r recognizes him as the crime is happening, then tells the criminals to go ahead and finish robbing him, as they wouldn't want to accidentally miss and endanger anyone else...
    What a frickin dbag...... His only fear is people legally carrying firearms, the criminals don't seem to even be on his radar.

  3. Mr Kelly used a lot of words to denigrate gun owners; all this to make him FEEL safe in public. I guess all who think he is the one logically and mentally imbalanced are in need of psychiatric confinement before we hurt someone.
    OK I just gotta say what a but job.
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    Does he realize he can be hurt, mutilated or worse, with about 10,000 other things besides a firearm? More importantly he could choke to death on something, while sitting right next to someone carrying a pistol or ar-15. What's funnier is if I were sitting right next to him and something bad was about or did happen (regardless of whether or not i was armed), I'd probably help him out.

    If he's willing to be a "subject" rather than a citizen, it's his choice; that being said, I've made my choice to be a citizen.
  5. 87 people a day are killed by poisons in the US. I don' know the break down between children vs adults.
  6. Reminds me of the 1st episode of 'Dad's Army' when at the 1st muster everyone came back with the weapons they had. Only 1 guy had a gun & the captain wanted it. The guy wouldn't give it to the captain. Then the captain said that they should just take it from him.

    One guy in the platoon said that it wouldn't work because they were unarmed.
  7. "I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to go out to a restaurant and see the couple sitting next to us packing handguns and an AR-15. Maybe it’s me, but the idea that John Q. Citizen should have some right to sit next to me in a public place with enough firepower to kill me, my wife and my children anytime the whim strikes that particular person just doesn’t seem right."

    A car running a red light can take your family out also . Mr Kelly , so can a Tornado , EarthQuake ,wacko with a knife ,ect. Don't push your fear's of on the rest of the world
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    Feel free to go drop him a note on FB.
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    no, no, earthquakes are not legal in NY either. :p

    this is actually kind of funny, because it reminds me of a story that ran a few years ago at a fresh water beach, about 45 minutes from me in Michigan. someone had apparently been releasing large ''sharks'' into the lake, and they were concentrating around a particular swimming area. now, by ''sharks'' i mean those large, sucker type fish from fish tanks that eat algae, dont remember what they are called, but they look sorta like sharks, some were being caught BY HAND as they are completely docile, in the two foot long range. anyways, to combat it, the city seriously put up a sign on the beach that read ''NO SHARKS ALLOWED".
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    I am half tempted to start one of these myself. Cheap, easy way to increase my armory.

    wonder how that could be illegal if I didn't promise to destroy em...
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    dont see how it could be illegal, as long as face to face transfers are legal in your state/county, and you dont make claims to destroy them, it wouldnt be any different than placing a ''want ad'' in the local classifieds. if people want to trade thier guns for gift certificates or cash, its no different than just buying them outright!! or so i would think.
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    Turning in your gun for food, yeah that's genuis right there.....now you have food or a reciept for food and now some person with a gun or knife can now walk up to you and take what you have cause you gave up your only protection....yep thats another pro crime program we all pay for in dollars and some peoples common sense!
  13. talon

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    irrelevant. if someone is going to rob you at gunpoint or knife point, they probably arent going to do it anywhere near the police checkpoint where people are turning in thier guns for food vouchers. they are gonna rob you anyway, if they wanted to, having a food coupon probably isnt what they are looking for. :rolleyes:
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    Especially in this area where all you have to do is hit up certain gas stations during the first week of the month to pay someone $0.10 on the dollar to use their EBT card after you buy your drug of choice off of them. Used to get massive crowds at the bars and clubs on the first two weekends of the month when the checks came in too. Not saying it's everybody but if I have to piss in a cup to get a job, you should have to piss in a cup to spend my tax dollars.
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    they only get to about 2 feet so they arent exactly scary. i have one of these in my 55 gallon tank. it's about 5 inches now which is pretty much full grown for the Albino variety:
  16. talon

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    yep, thats them. literally infested with them for awhile, not sure how the population is now, because i know they were asking fisherman to kill them upon capture, and like i said, you could literally pick them up by hand. but they were EVERYWHERE!!!! guess they couldnt read the sign!
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    Would cost more in tax dollars to catch the few drug users than it costs to just pay them the benefits. http://www.tampabay.com/news/courts...testing-welfare-recipients-data-shows/1225721


    And even since most of the assistance spending goes towards kids why should they have to starve because their parents addictions even if they are on drugs. If you see fraud report it. It is a crime, they do have enforcement divisions that do enforce and investigate it.
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    I do. Even got two of my woman's employees fired and charged when I caught them doing it while helping her go through video footage of a couple of drive offs. They were dumb enough to do the deal outside in full view of the camera. As far as starving children, if their parents are selling off their benefits to feed their drug habits, they aren't eating anyways. So it costs too much money to drug test people in our own country? Then why the f*ck are we sending TRILLIONS of dollars overseas to help out other nations who would rather piss on our legs and tell us it's raining? Why not take the trillions to spend on our infrastructure, schools, veterans, and OUR problems?
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    Just say your going to destroy them, who cares right? You know some of the weapons that were good weren't destroyed.. It's all about the benies you know someone got paid straight up..
  20. talon

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    sometimes i think to myself, ''no, he's not really that stupid, he's messin with us'', this, isnt one of those times. really, sometimes, you would best off just NOT saying anything.