T'waz the Week before Christmas
by "histed"


[The week before? I haven't bought ANYTHING yet!]

And you still haven't bought anything for the gun lover in your house. After all, you love them but you're just not "into" guns. Scopes and reloaders are expensive and...well, you're just stuck. OK, courtesy of that great American institution - Amazon - here are a few suggestions for last minute gifts. Oh, and don't blame the Reindog if they're late - cuz I tried!

For the guy who's both a gun and a car nut, how about a set of genuine imported bullet tire caps.

valve stem caps.jpg

[Valve Stem Caps in brass cartridge cases]

They also came as push pins for your "bullet"in board. (No, the pistola doesn't come with them. Sorry) Either goes for around $9.99. Your choice of 9mm, .40, or .45 ACP, when I last checked. Again, no .270. And, for about $3.00 more, you can get silver paracord zipper pulls! Sliver Bullets! Lone Ranger! What could be better for the inner cowboy in all of us.

On a more practical note, you may want to look at the The Gun Tool.

the gun tool.jpg

[The Gun Tool]

This one is supposed to have everything you need to keep your favorite firearm slinging lead at the range - choke tube wrench, torx bits, screwdrivers... AND it has a bigger brother that also includes a saw! (OK, I'm not going there).

Or you might consider a custom engraved ammo box.

custom engraved ammo box.jpg

[Custom Engraved Ammo Box]

Never pick up the wrong box at the range again.

Last, but by no means least, let us not forget about gun safety. For the nominal fee of just $10.00, you can present your gun-loving significant other with the gift we all crave; the gift of firearms safety. Yes, even cats need to learn about safe handing practices, but few of us know how to simply and clearly broach the subject with our feline companions. Never fear. How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety by Zachary Auburn has all the answers to all those awkward questions cats ask.

talk to your cat.jpg

So, if you've waited this long to start looking for the perfect gift for you special someone - you're screwed! Stop reading this article and get busy! Merry Christmas, everyone!