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Two jams tonight.

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I had two FTF Jams tonight. I've now shot about 170 rounds through the gun. Both jams were with Federal ammo. One was with American Eagle and the other was Federal Champion. I had previously run through a 50 box of WWB and 50 American Eagle. So I'm not sure if it was an ammo issue or if the gun just needs cleaned. How often do you all clean your guns? HP says tear it down every 1000 rounds I think. What do you all think? Maybe I should switch to the Blazzer ammo as everyone seems to say it works well. I'm getting ready to send in my 995 do you all think I should send the .40 pistol also?
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given the hipoints somewhat "difficult" breakdown..im not sure what actual owners of hi points would say..but i know its best if u clean your gear after every use.. thats what i do..thats how i was taught..it doesnt take long..and it increases the life and function of your gear
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