Since August, MKS has been offering up a beautiful 995TS Hi Point Carbine in woodland camo-- with a scope-- to one lucky winner of their 2014 Carbine Give Away.

The gun

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Wood

Up for grabs is a standard 995TS that has been professionally dipped in a woodland style camo coating and sports a 4X32 Aim Sports Scope. Like most TS models, the gun still features its 3 and 9 o'clock side mounted weaver rails and takes the standard 10-round 9mm magazines as the rest of the series. The gun is retail valued by Hi Point to be a $435 firearm as it sits.

According to MKS, the Woodland pattern was picked as the give-away gun from results of the July voting period between it and two other patterns. For those of you who were there, you may have recognized the same three guns from the Hi Point booth at the NRA exhibit back in April.

White Military camouflage Plant Green Machine gun

Here we have a trio of 995TS's redone in (from top to bottom) Reaper Z, Woodland, and Digital Snow camouflage patterns. Voters on the Hi Point social media account selected the Woodland for the giveaway, which leads us to ask, hey, how much for the other two?

The Hi Point carbine has since 1995 been one of the company's bestselling items and has long been their only rifle product. The gun has been the subject of much ban-talk, unfairly we believe, at the hands of anti-gun legislators in the past several years. They have even been the subject of SBR builds, which surely irritates those who are against the freedoms of the Second Amendment. Nevertheless, these guns have won the praise and admiration of anyone who has shot them and they are the go-to carbine for many preppers and hunters across the country.

As such, this woodland pattern makes a lot of sense-and is just in time for hunting season (if they would only put it into production).

How do you get this one?

Well the good news is, it is a no-purchase necessary contest, which means everyone, everywhere (provided they are at least 18, a legal U.S. resident, and can legally possess a firearm) can give it a shot. If you win, you have to send in a W9 as the value of the rifle could have tax implications for you, and you have to coordinate through a local federal firearms license holder in your area for the transfer.

To enter, head on over to the Hi Point website and click on the sweepstakes header between now and Sept. 29. A winner will be chosen Oct. 1 from a randomized process, but Hi Point stresses that there is a limit of one (1) entry per Entrant during the Sweepstakes Period.

Full contest rules are here.

Good luck and if you win, ask them about the other two guns. We would like to know!