Two US Marines Stop Gunman On Paris-Amsterdam Train

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by tallbump, Aug 21, 2015.

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    ARRAS, FRANCE — News is still developing over a recent shooting incident which happened on a train from Paris to Amsterdam. Two United States Marines were able to subdue and capture a gunman loading an AK-47 in the toilet of one of the train cars. One Marine was reportedly struck by gunfire and the other stabbed but both managed to wrestle and subdue the attacker before authorities could arrive.
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    SEMPER FI ISIS b!tches..we're gonna come for you!


  3. What sucks is that they MAY get in trouble.
    If I remember correctly, that train route is on the blacklist for EUCOM; I don't currently have the sheet, but that one sounds familiar. You could save a million lives but still get an Article 15 for not adhering to policy.
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    Hey FB I remember dumb orders from when I was in. If the dip ****s in charge try anything on these two you let us know and I guarantee you a **** storm that the military or civilian authorities will not believe. Be marine, army, navy, or air force, do not **** with us when we save your asses.
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    Turn the Marines loose on Syria and say fetch! No rules, take them down or take them out one or the other but clean up the cesspool.
  7. Yeah, we did that in Iraq. Twice. How about not. :p
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    Not the no rules part they didn't.....
  9. *Sigh.*
    I got a better idea; how about instead of sending them out there while everyone else sits in their armchairs, we bring them all back and let the fire burn itself out on its own? :p
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    I got a better-better idea..... Give Israel free reign to do as they will..... Problems will be sorted out pretty quickly...
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    NE Utah
    Bull crap. The politicians ran those actions, just like they did Vietnam and Korea.

    You know how to tell if the U.S. military is in charge of a war? It gets won.:cool:

    That's much better. I vote for that.

    Of course, it won't burn out, it hasn't in the past 1400 years, and that won't change.
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    Once again the Americans bailing out the French....
  13. It also turns the U.S. into a place like North Korea, Cuba, Nazi Germany, etc. Hence why it's a bad thing and the Constitution forbids it. :p
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    So the Air Force saves the day....this time ;)
    He probably should have joined the Marines lol
  15. He probably would have if he needed an ASVAB waiver. :p
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    The Air Farce guy drew the gunman's attention by running away and the Army soldier subdued the gunman while the civilian ordered another round of drinks. :p

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    Maybe you should have a conversation with some of the Vets the Air Force pulled out of the fire countless times. :rolleyes: I have.
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    Hey outlaw, I'm former AF lol ;)
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    Now you are making no sense. Those places are run by groups that do EXACTLY what you are arguing for, and I'm arguing against, they politically control the military, and use it as a tool against not only foreign powers, but their own people.

    That's not even close to what I am arguing. My point was that if you want a war to be won, you can't let business managers and lawyers run things. The politicians screw up every single thing they get involved in through poor management and general ignorance,

    The constitution says diddly about the elected branches "running" the war. They just declare it.

    They should then get their behinds out of the way and observe the fury they unleashed from a safe place without getting in the way or slowing the military down.

    Assuming the politicians are not idiots, are in a democracy, and are doing a good job...yeah, I know...once the war is won, the military is happy to come home, take off the uniform, and go back to work, and they aren't a threat to anyone.

    But a piss poor gov't is going to create a situation where the military has no jobs to come home to and wants to take over and get rid of the cretins in charge, or will be using that military to maintain control because they can't do so in a democratic way.

    One of those seems to be feared by the politicians in charge now.
    The other is feared by the tin foil hat crowd,

    Neither is realistic.