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  2. That is terrible. I hope the police catch him and shoot his sorry rear.

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    What is with Florida these past couple years? Nothing but shootings and killings and alot seem to make national news.
  4. Thats all i ever see on the newsw about anywere USA, and world. :shock: I hope this SOB gets exactly what he deserves set him on fire put him out then do it again then shoot him :evil: I am a eye for a eye kinda guy. Did any one hear a motive for his crime?
  5. Ok, so the guy is robbing the place, so why set the two women on fire? Was he TRYING to get himself sent away for a long time? Notice his own family turned him in. The guy has got to be seriously sick in the head.
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    okay this is the kind of thing that ticks me off. This guy was a criminal already. If someone had just shot him with a shotgun on the first house he tried to rob we would all be off a lot better. Criminals do not deserve the same respect as the rest of us. As a citizen I will automatically assume the worst intentions from a criminal and act accordingly. If it happened to be a punk 20 year old who decided it would be fun to take my hard earned stuff than well sucks to be him. He should not have decided to rob me. But if he is someone who will eventually set two women on fire. Well I hope he rots in hell.
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    Update- The SOB turned himself in. I guess he figured he would be shot otherwise. Get this, his motive was they cancelled his insurance policy for non payment! The victims are in grave condition at an Orlando trauma center. The baby was taken by emergency C section and it is very touch and go with the baby. :cry: The guy who got shot in the face coming to the aid of the women will live.
  8. I hope they barbeque his sorry ass.