Two Words For HP Customer Service...

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by HPJHP45, Nov 24, 2015.

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    "Absolutely Outstanding" HP received my JHP45 on 11-18-15 and I received it back today 11-23-15; all repaired, a new magazine and NO CHARGE - WARRANTY. WOW!
    Have been buying firearms since 1967 and during this time, have had to return some for repairs. Never has any MOM repaired and returned a firearm in 6 days and this HP repair included a weekend. Most amazing thing I have personally witnessed in many moons.
    This is my first HP, it won't be my last and will be buying a 4595 next. :D:D
  2. Hi-Point customer service sold me, when I bought my C9. My only alternative, a Cobra, seemed to have a good warranty, but on further research seemed hit or miss. The customer reviews on the Hi-Point C9 were also higher across the board.

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    Haskell Mfg has been a little sketchy lately with their extra magazine policy & exterior cosmetic's on return. I have made it known that they were slacking compared to the other two plants. Maybe somebody heard about it? They have always been pretty fast on their repair time! If you ever call & order an accessary, always ask for a repair part, ie; firing pin, recoil spring. Repair parts receive priority & they will throw your parts in the same box with the accessories and you will get them much faster.
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    There is No mom like MOM!

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    NE Utah
    Stories like this are why I always call BS on the idea that MOM means "maker or manufacturer".

    I don't call any other gun maker Mom, and I rarely see or hear anyone else do it, though once in a while you might hear "mothership".

    The HPs go back to Mom, because of two things...the old owner's wife used to answer the phones, you almost literally sent things back to her. And, they seem to actually care, a lot, unlike a lot of other places. They don't worry about what dumb thing you did, or who's fault it was, they just fix the boo-boo, and get you back out in the yard playing with your friends.:p
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    Don't you think asking for parts that you don't need to get them to do faster (more cost) shipping is how companies costs go up and leads to higher prices or the discontinuation of free parts?
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    I would have never thought of it until it was suggested to me by a HP employee? Most all of us have a box of extra HP wear parts, like firing pins, springs & triggers?
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    Everyone should have a spare firing pin and springs on hand. It's a good time to ask as it saves on shipping for them.
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    I have suggested on several occasions that MoM should make up a small parts kit & sell them for like $9.95?? But they always furnished the parts for free!
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    YES SIR!!

    Fixed my 4095 up pronto.
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    In late 2013, I called Mom to ask for a new firing pin for my JHP. Now there's an online article about Hi Point's production floor, good employee morale and the camaraderie inherent in a family-owned and operated business. I could see all of these just by speaking with this kind man. Hi Point's business operation and CS are one-of-kind.
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    When I called about my jhp,they didn't even ask fir a serial number. They assessed the problem and sent my parts.