U.S. judge backs ATF multiple rifle sales reporting

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  1. I found this article today


    If you look at the picture linked to it, theres a photo of an "automatic weapon", which has nothing to do with the article, as you need a federal license to purchase said "automatic weapon". They also fail to mention that our own president signed on the bill that authorized the illegal sale of these firearms to drug runners, which inevitably lead to these actions. If youre feeling spunky please send them the following message as i did.

    You have this article
    U.S. judge backs ATF multiple rifle sales reporting
    linked to an image of a "automatic rifle"

    The purchase of automatic weapons is illegal within the united states without a federal license, a picture of a fully automatic weapon has nothing to do with the article. If this is not an illegal fully automatic weapon the caption needs to be changed.
    a photo of a Winchester 30.30 is just as relate able to this article.
    also our president signed on the bill that illegally sold all those firearms to all those drug runners!

    submit to the following url :thankyou:

    sorry this kinda stuff just pisses me off

  2. I messaged the gun club that owns the firearm, recieved this e-mail about an hour ago,

    Thanks for the info and link, I will have our legal team follow up on this.

    Ron Kennedy

    General Manager
    SGC - Scottsdale

    Up yours yahoo!! haha
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    "Judge Rosemary Collyer, appointed to the bench by Republican President George W. Bush, found that the ATF's requirement was sufficiently narrowly tailored and that it was rational by focusing on the states that border Mexico."

    So because the order is discriminatory, it is legal. Guess what folks, based on that ruling, firearms laws can now be regional and solely at the determination of the POTUS, Attorney General and the ATF. (Remember, this was enacted by executive order, not legislation.)
    The very same entities under investigation for directing firearms into the hands of the drug cartels are now empowered by the court to restrict firearms sales however they see fit.
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    That bunch in Washington leaves me with a lump in my throat every time I see them or hear what they are currently doing to Americans and the Constitution. A pox on all those bastards. I would hate to tell you what I really think.
  5. We were never supposed to know about operation gun runner and fast and furious. The already announced intended purpose was to increase crime rates involving firearms, and in response the government would slowly increase firearm restrictions, start small and spread with a "purpose" and make them look like the good guys. Everyone who authorized the operations are long time active anti-gun lobbyists. its the same reason they dropped the assault weapons ban, they thought it would increase crime rates but it backfired. The FBI reported that it has seen a direct relation between record breaking increase in firearms sales and the largest decrease in crime rates across the us since the 60's.
    "ATF officials didn't intend to publicly disclose their own role in letting Mexican cartels obtain the weapons, but emails show they discussed using the sales, including sales encouraged by ATF, to justify a new gun regulation called "Demand Letter 3". That would require some U.S. gun shops to report the sale of multiple rifles"
    the law above, the atfs sales have killed hundreds and put thousands of firearms in drug traffickers hands, and it had nothing to do with the drug runners, there was no way to track the firearms until they are recovered from crime scenes, and we sold weapons to their criminals and watched them walk into their country without informing the Mexican government.​
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    Seems we both have issues.

    They don't want our guns, we don't want their drugs.
  7. Here's an idea, why don't we more effectively close off the border? We could say it's to stop gun exports and then Mexico couldn't complain, could they?
  8. we could, but obama wants open borders, he just cut the national guard on the border down to 500 troops, and he wants to replace the border control agents with "automated kiosks"
  9. w,
    This will not carry water, if it is not overturned by a lower court, in the supreme court. It is a sad way to legislate from the oval office, fiat at best...
    I found an open letter I just posted in the 2nd Amend. bucket...pretty good reading...