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UF Has Zombie Emergency Plan

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i just found this on my local news and though would share.

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) -- No one expects a zombie apocalypse. But the University of Florida is making sure officials are ready for a night of the living dead, just in case.

The school has a plan for responding to the undead on its Web site among outlines for dealing with hurricanes and pandemics.

The exercise lays out how university officials would respond to attacks by "flesh-eating, apparently life impaired individuals."

It notes that a zombie outbreak might include "documentation of lots of strange moaning."

A University of Florida spokesman says the exercise was written by an employee to "add a little bit of levity" to disaster preparation discussions.
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lol well i seen enough to know it has to be a head shot.i need
some training.
anyone have a link to the page?
All zombie topics go in the Lounge. Thanks.
Well I have the head shot down..... hope my .17hmr or my .22 will do the trick.
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