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Ultimate bug out bag

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Check out this video,

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Oh wow, I can't wait until mine gets here. Hope it's the best $300 I ever spent to learn how to do something... :cantlook:

Sheesh! $300 for a 72 hr bug out kit how to... no supplies, just the how to...

Mull this over:

Food, Water, Shelter, Protection...

Food... protien with be the easiest to find. Have carbs and veggies.

Water... coffee filters for the big chunks and then water purification tabs.

Shelter... up to you, but you can get by with a large heavy plastic drop cloth if you practise, also need fire starting skills and supplies

Protection... reliable firearms and ammo for them (I also have reloading supplies ready to go.)

Also need a good knife, axe of some sort, and small saw.

There ya go... all for free.
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Oh come on its on sale for $144 right now. But wait I get book called "How to Build a Bug Out Bag for
$99.74 or Even Less!" but I have to spend $144 before I even read it. Shouldn't it be called "How to Build a Bug Out Bag for
$243.74 plus tax or Even Less!"

Unreal! :cantlook:
the sad part is they are probably raking it in hand over fist.

I was at the gun shop about 5 weeks ago and was listening to the sales pitch to a clueless yuppie husband and wife purchasing their first "home defense" shotgun. Basically they did not want to be "unprepared" or "outgunned" and needed the $600 Benelli Nova. In addition, for a "survival setting for smaller game food needs" they would also need to purchase a field barrel for it for an additional $250. Yup ...they bought it hook line and sinker.

There will always be entrepreneurs out there looking to rake it in from the clueless. Those guys from that vid probably are share holders in coleman and eddie bauer lol. If turds ever did hit the fan ..I think i would have to wear a gag because I do not know if I will be able to control the laughter watching droves of store bought survivalists "running to the hills".
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Hey now, coleman makes some fine products. They also make some crap too though.

But I agree with you about sellers targeting people who don't know any better. I drive about 2 hours to work in Syracuse everyday and the people we install for are quite literally borderline retarded. Their biggest concerns are about whether or not the patio is going to make the rims on their car. And all the the houses in the developments have "emergency" natural gas generators, so when the bombs go off they can still have A/C and the Internet.

I have to admit, I am underprepared for something of that caliber. But I am trying and have my guns, ammo, my father has riding horses at his farm and land to plant food and harvest game plus the wood burner and more tools than I know what to do with (the advantage of being in construction, i can't pass a Lowes without picking up more equipment). Hopefully our little town is far enough away from any large cities to be taken over. There is a lot of smaller towns in between us and them in every direction.
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