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  2. LOL I liked the video and how the heck did they get the mag to just fall out.
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    Wow, the whole thing looked surreal. You'd think that odd-ball center of gravity would produce an unwieldy moment of inertia, but the guy was rippin' off shots like it was on full auto, and the muzzle was well-behaved.

    But four grand opens up a lot of alternatives (like a SOCOM M1A1 and a spare)
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    Whatever yer drinkin' I want some. :cool:
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    I love satire.
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    Now that's some funny stuff right there!:D
  7. Wonder how many people actually believe this was anything other than satire, and how many they have sold.

    PT Barnum says...
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    $300 for the sight and misc. parts
    50 hrs labor at a shop rate of $80/hr
    They could have built a 1911 out of a bar of steel.

    * it's all satire folks, but the best I've seen *

    They do have it shooting like a race gun lol
  9. They said the slide had been lightened,i always thought the slide had to be the weight it was due to the pistol being blow-back operated. Interesting video, I feel it will only contribute to the notoriety of hipoint :)
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    We've had threads on slide lightening a while back.
    A former member had pretty radical designs. You may or may not have to change the recoil spring and you may or may not loose the capability to shoot +P.
    But that sort of engineering doo-daa is over my head.
  11. Makes one wonder if the slide wasn't lightened just enough to compensate for the weight of the red dot sight.
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    Why would the lightness/thickness of the slide affect +p capability? Isn't that contained in the chamber?
  13. Sooner or later that casing has to come backwards and exit the gun. If it pushes to hard on the slide things could get damaged.
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    Yea, I was thinking about that. Other manufacturers don't seem to need such a massive slide, but then I guess we get into different metals and such...guess they know better about what they do than I do.
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    If they lightened the slide, I guess they could have compensated by changing out to a heavier spring (though that will make chambering a round more difficult), but as target guns often used light loads anyway, I'm guessing this would be intended to use lighter loads to operate correctly anyway. There's no doubt though that any gun can be tuned up, and as we've seen here, Hi-Points are no exception. Little things like polishing a feed ramp and inner slide can lead to smoother operation. Funny that they didn't opt to install an aluminum trigger as that makes a world of difference. The grips also could have used some work. Either by stippling, texture painting, or outright replacing. There's also room for improvement to add more aggressive texturing to the slide to improve grip as well.
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    Haha I just saw like 7 of the same threads with this video
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    Oh come on If its on the Internet then by LAW its true, I read that on one of the interwebs........I hope they come out in deifferent colors!
    $4300.00 is a good deal for all the folks that missed out on the $2000.00 HP Carbines from last year!

    And yes I'm joking,its tuesday I have hamburger debts to pay off!
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    I agree - the slide was probably lightened to compensate for the added weight of the sight. Without it, I suspect it would have had feeding/extraction/ejection issues.