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Anyone have any opinions on this? Perhaps a special recipe that you use in your ultrasound cleaner? fairly recently I bought an ultrasonic cleaner from harbor freight (2.5 Liter capacity) I started with the little one but it burned out so I upgraded to the larger unit (Harbor freight refunded my money from the little one). I like the timer on my new one since it lets you go up to 480 seconds per cycle and it has a cooling fan to keep the electronics good and happy.

I dont know I have mixed feelings about the thing. I don't think I want to toss my tumbler in the trash though. The tumbler is nice because when used with a little of the Nu finish the brass comes out with a nice polish however the media separation takes time along with the fact that the inside of the case and primer pockets aren't usually cleaned.

The ultra sonic cleaner is great in that it will get the primer pocket clean and the inside of the cases clean but it will not leave a high luster finish on the brass like the tumbler does. The other thing about the ultra sonic cleaner is that your batch size is limited and you need new cleaning solution every so often. My brass goes in a pyrex beaker along with the cleaning solution the cleaner itself is filled with regular tap water and the beaker is then placed in the tap water. This method allows to use a small amount of solution.

The ultrasound tank also has a limited capacity as the more brass you jam in there the lest effective the cleaning, As I understand it the less solid mass inside the tank the more energy is available to do the cleaning.

I was kind of hoping that I could buy this ultrasonic cleaner and I wouldn't need to tumble brass anymore. But it seems that both methods have pluses and minuses and both methods could be used as a standalone to clean brass but damn is that brass pretty when you hit it with ultrasound then tumble it... you could pass it off as being brand new!

Anybody got any special recipes for the liquid solution? I have been using the 50/50 solution of water and Vinegar with great results, I add a little dish soap and about a teaspoon of goop hand cleaner soap too. It will brighten the brass but not polish it Gotta rinse it real well and its not a bad idea to give it another cycle in a solution of baking soda and water to neutralize any acid.

Here is a great resource if you are interested in doing some ultrasonic cleaning


I'm bored sitting here cleaning some 7.62x39 brass with the ultrasound tank, Laptop is here too so I figured "WTH I'll see if anyone else does this and what works for them"
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