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Ultramax Ammo

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I ran across an interesting box of Ammo called Ultramax

Remanufactured Ammo 180gr FMJ. Fired over 35 through my JCP with no probs but there were a couple of shells that looked like steel instead of brass. The JCP ate those as well with out any delays. (I love my 40 OD Green Slide with Camo Grips) Check out the pic and see the difference between the two shells, don't ave any calipers but there is a noticeable difference between the two in size and shape as well. Anyone else run across Ultramax?

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Yeah, I have heard nothing but bad things about this particular brand of ammo.
Stay away from it.
Man, sure glad I asked around about this stuff, sounds like nuthin but bad news. I don't intend to finish this box now... I'll just bury it.

Good idea.
Dicks Sporting Goods out here had the value box of 250 rounds of 9mm for 70.00 and I was thinking about buying it ( even though I have read bad reviews about it online). The clerk told me that he wouldnt use it in his gun and he doesnt recommend it. He said he would only use this stuff if he absolutely had to.
That was enough for me.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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