UM, may seem like a dumb question.

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  1. Justme

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    How are high point pistols with left handed shooters? One of our problems with gun purchases is I'm right handed and my wife is a lefty. Thanks again.
  2. I have shot mine lefty and its just fine.

  3. boomer92266

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    i just purchased a c9 about 2 months ago, i'm right handed and my wife is left handed like yours. my wife has no trouble shooting the c9 in fact i gotta get another, i hardly get to shoot this one any more
  4. From the looks, it seems like the grip desighn is the same on both sides.
  5. Basically it is, and you dont have to worry about casings hitting you in the face either. They kick out well away from your face.
  6. The grips are the same on either side - so that's not an issue.

    the ejection of the shells isn't a problem either -

    as long as you're lining up the front and rear sights you'll be fine shooting left handed.
  7. These guns have no problems ejecting casings. It really launches them!!!!!!!!!!!