Ummm... I freggin want one !!!!

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  1. Jarhead1775

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    Thanks for finding that, I am going to preorder. That is awesome.

  2. Yeah, we were talking about this on another board.

    My anti-HK side says heck no, but my tacticool plinker side is grinning like a drunk monkey with the keys to the seraglio!

    So, yeah.... me want.
  3. pretty cool looking gun for $500
  4. mmmmmm. Smells like fun!
  5. Sakdog

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    I know this was on the old forum But for my money I think I would want one of these instead
    The reliability,Durability and Readily available parts available to the 10/22 make it a hands down winner in my book Plus higher capacity magazines n such... I would just hate to spend $500 on something that might be hard to get parts for down the road
  6. GlockMan

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    I take a souped up Ruger 10/22 and use the savings to buy a bunch of 50rd magazines. Did you see how much a extra Magazine went for? Holly Crap!

  7. Someone on ordered a krinker plinker kit a couple of years ago and had a ton of problems. I don't remember the details and hopefully the problems have been fixed. If you want to look it up at Calguns, be warned that the term krinker plinker has become a joke on that blog and you'll get a lot of search hits that have nothing to do with the actual product.

    If you do buy one, be sure and post a review! 8)
  8. THat little Hk looks awesome.

    I'm rather tempted.

    Only 500 bux? Not bad.
  9. neothespian

    neothespian Member

    Eh, doesn't move me.

    I'd rather try a tweaked up 10/22 as G-man said, with perhaps a bullpup conversion.

    Either that or the gatling conversion. Either way 500 bucks would go further on one of those.

    BUT, it is an interesting take on things.
  10. That is cool! dont see me getting one but it is cool.
  11. At $500 a pop I dont see one coming my way anytime soon. I do see it being purchased by some LEO agencies as a low cost training gun though.
  12. 1motion

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    i agree with glock man.... when it comes to plinking it doesnt get any better than a ruger 10/22. cheap, accurate, and reliable.
  13. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    I'm tempted! very tacticool...and I am a sucker for H&K's.

    But that's just me.
  14. bobm

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    I can't see 500 bucks for a 22 anything, but thats just me.
  15. Strangerous

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    +1 bobm, i totally agree on that, just like i'm not going to put 7grand in rims/tires into a $500 car.