UN imported surplus ammo lockdown?!?!

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  1. Soooo I've heard from a couple of gun and ammo shops that the UN has some sort of trade lock down on imported surplus 8mm Mauser ammo, does anyone know if this is true??? and if so how long the Spew-N is going to keep it up for?? and also why they are retarded and lock down ammo that is used only in bolt action rifles?? rather than their locking down an automatic round like a 5.56 or 7.62x39 in their usual automatic weapon paranoia???
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    As far as i know teh UN has nothing to do with what we can import/export.


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    Been hearing of this around a few of my political boards. It's BS. Most likely a trade tactic by gun shops to jack prices up or to explain why they weren't able to renew their contract with their dealers due to declining revenue from their sales.

    So far, that's what I'm getting. The UN does NOT have control over what corporate importers can bring in or out if both countries of origin have signed trade pacts. Violates the UN accord.
  4. thanks guys now I'm wise to their tactics
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    clinton had an executive order that banned norinco firearms or ammo being imported.
    i've also read this:

    1) The UN's Convention on the Reduction of Small Arms, Munitions, and other Military Surplus is aimed at STOPPING the Worldwide Trade in FIRST the Military then Civilian Arms Business. They have gotten even UNCLE SAMMY to Coorperate courtesy of Billy Bob Clinton and G.W. on DEMILLITARIZING Ammunition and stiffening IMPORT Regulations on SOME Small Arms. Other Nations are beginning to fall into line on compliance. This is why in part the 1989 Import Ban on Assualt Weapons remains. It is also why Parts for them are having Additional restrictions placed upon them. The Eventual Goal being the Disarming of EVERY Nation's Population.
  6. I dont know the cause, but it seems that 7.62x54r and 8mm surplus is not as abundant as it was a year ago, especially the 8mm, and if you do find it its a heck of a lot more expensive
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    I dont know... My local gun shop just got a bunch of yugo 8mm. But the price doubled since they last had it. But have also been told that the stock piles are running out.. I think that once the Aks came in they had no need to keep making 8mm. I will have to check and see what my boxes are marked as far as the date goes.
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    There are ALOT of people who are ready and willing to blame the UN off the cuff without blinking an eye when it comes to international arms, but the fact of the matter remains that there is only so much out-of-service ammo to go around. The 7.62x54r isn't in common service anymore, nor is the .303 Britt or the 8mm. There are other former military rounds that are quite common (Such as the Makarov) that are still in production, only because of their popularity in the European market (especially in Northern Europe and France).

    If there isn't a large current application, there simply isn't production. The recent dump of Mosin-Nagants on the US, Australian and Northern European markets have seen a spike in the desire for x54r, but in comparison to other long cartridges, it's overall market penetration (pardon the pun) simply isn't strong enough to oust rounds like 30.06 and the like, and arms dealers take advantage of this to jack prices.

    Supply and Demand.
  9. I think most all of my 8mm was made in the '50s. Still in the cans and crates though, ought to be in good shape
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