Unarmed homeless man dies rescuing hostage in Brazil

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    This was tough to watch. He had to know that there was a good chance he'd die, and watching it, even after being shot and mortally wounded, he gets up and charges the guy.

    If there are Valkyries who take men to Valhalla, he's there right now, I'll tell you that.

    I put this in the CCW section because I think it's a testament to mindset. Even outgunned, outmatched, and mortally wounded, this guy knew the fight wasn't over as long as he was still conscious.
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    What do you say to someone that expresses his courage.

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    Greater love hath no man than this
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    One Brave Dude :indeed: RIP Bro. Would like to have known ya.
    And the woods ain't full of folks like that either!
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    "Homeless" is circumstance. What that guy did was "character".

    Never confuse homelessness with "good for nothing", homelessness can happen to anybody who has 2 or 3 bad breaks in a row. I've got friends who spent time homeless. Even hired one once (not knowing that she was living in her van). But there isn't a banker or hedge fund manager anywhere who would have done what that guy did.
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