Unbelievable Quality For Under $200.00

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  1. I bought a used 995 carbine yesterday for only $150.00. I just got back from the shooting range and I must say I got more than my money's worth. I was truly amazed at the accuracy and reliability of this little carbine. I shot 100 rounds through it with no jams or failures to feed. I don't know how Hi Point does it, but they make an excellent 9mm carbine at an unbelievable LOW PRICE.

    Like I said, my 995 was used so the assessories (scope base, sling, & swivels) were not included. I checked out Hi Points website to see if I could purchase them, but they we'ren't listed. So I contacted Hi Point by email and asked if I could buy them from them. I got a return email saying, your parts will be mailed to you on Monday, FREE OF CHARGE! Man...,that is GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

    Will I buy any other Hi Point firearms? YES! I plan on getting a C9. :D
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    Glad to hear, after reading on boards like these I became a convert.

    Now I am a Hi-Point addict, trying to plug these firearms whenever I can.

  3. Yep, one of the best bargins of my lifetime. Hi-Point weapons!
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    very nice report! and whats great, when you get the C9 you can use your carbine mag.

    i would defintely buy some more mags though... you'll find that 1 or 2 is never enough. Buy them direct from Hi-Point though, fast shipping and best prices.