uncle mikes sidekick

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  1. xtreme1ky

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    just picked up an uncle mikes sidekick for my c9. $12.77 at local dealer :D . its a great fit. im not wild about the snap but overall money well spent. anyone have one of these? if so how do you all like them? are they ok for cc?

  2. I've got one. I haven't tried using it for ccw. I normally strap it on when I'm heading for a walk in the woods. For what I use it for the snap isn't an issue. I do like the fit it gives.
  3. Ravenhawk

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    I use mine alot ... Pop a button and I'm armed.

    I fiound mine in a used bin at local pawn shop 5$
  4. xtreme1ky

    xtreme1ky Guest

    5$ wow. i just thought i had a decent deal