Understanding The Jamar Clark Police Shooting: What You Need To Know

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Hermitt, Nov 26, 2015.

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  2. MXGreg

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    This part is vague and not 100% correct:

    From another source (also what I heard on local news when it happened):

    So, they were a block away down an alley. Do we really know what happened down that alley? Did the shooters open fire unprovoked? Were the shooters attacked and defended themselves? Will we ever know for sure? Will anyone really care?

  3. MaryB

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    The shooters were followed after police told them to leave the area. I suspect they were confronted again but that won't come out until the investigation is done. Meanwhile the black LIES matter crowd is having their normal hissy fit, they threw Molotov cocktails at the precinct building...

    It is a good thing I do not live in the city... it would be bad... I have zero tolerance for people whining when a thug gets what he deserves!
  4. EvilE424

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    Guy got what he deserved! I don't understand what the American public doesn't understand about "justified shooting." Grab my gun, you're going to get shot! Its pretty cut and dry.
  5. MaryB

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    Parents are not teaching personal responsibility so these whining idiots think thugs should be given a stern warning and let go. Personally I think we need to revive hanging in the public square!
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    The term parents needs to be singular tense in these cases. Its all part of the liberal lefts plan, most of those women didn't even want kids they just wanted the money.