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Unemployment sucks

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Buddy & Mick worked together and were both laid off, so they went to the unemployment office.
When asked his occupation, Buddy answered, "Panty Stitcher.
I sew da elastic onto ladies cotton panties and thongs."
The clerk looked up panty stitcher on his computer and finding it classified as unskilled labor, he gave him $80.00 a week unemployment pay.
Mick was next in, and when asked his occupation, replied, "Diesel Fitter."
Since a diesel fitter was a skilled job, the clerk gave Mick $160.00 a week.
When Buddy found out, he was furious.
He stormed back into the Unemployment Office to find out why his friend and co-worker was collecting double his unemployment pay.
The clerk explained, "Panty Stitchers are unskilled laborers, and Diesel Fitters are skilled laborers."
“What skill?” yelled Buddy.
"I sew da elastic on da panties and thongs;
Mick puts 'em over his head and says:
"Yep, diesel fitter."
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Some of the old classics need reposting so the younger generation can share the groans.

Like passing on oral history.
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A man goes to prison and the first night while he's laying in bed contemplating his situation, he hears someone yell out, "44!" Followed by laughter from the other prisoners.
He thought that was pretty odd, then he heard someone else yell out, "72!" Followed by even more laughter.
"What's going on?" he asked his cellmate.
"Well, we've all heard every joke so many times, we've given them each a number to make it easier."
"Oh," he says, "can I try?"
"Sure, go ahead."
So, he yells out "102!" and the place is dead quiet save for a few groans. Confused, he looks at his cellmate who is just shaking his head.
"Hey, what happened?"
"Well, some people can tell a joke, some people can't."
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