Unforgiven (Clint Eastwood)

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  1. well, just watch that movie (ironic 'cause was in my Violence and Media class). now i want to add a cowboy action revolver to my "gun wish list". which one should i get? what are the common/cheaper caliber?

    i have 2(one semi and one SS rifle) 22lr already so don't think of getting another 22lr SA revolver.

    the Ruger Blackhawk 357 convertible sound pretty good. one gun shoot 3 different ammo.
  2. Get a Ruger Blackhawk in 357/9mm convertible. Wait, you already said that!


    Seriously, the Blackhawk is an extremely durable and awesome revolver and probably will never break it.

    Replica Colt SAA guns are more "authentic" but they are not nearly as overbuilt as the Rugers. I'm talking about the Ubertis, Cimarrons, EMF, etc, those guns. The frame size is a fair amount smaller than the Rugers.

    But hands down, the Rugers are the strongest guns out there.

    Now, choose between the Blackhawk and the Vaquero. The difference is the Vaquero has fixed sights ala the Colt Single Action (a groove on the top strap) whereas the Blackhawk has modern adjustable sights like on a Smith double action revolver.

    There are many more Blackhawks available than Vaqueros though so you will have an easier time finding a Blackhawk.

    I have bought my last 3 Blackhawks used for 250 to 300 dollars.

    What would I choose? If I wanted to be more like the real cowboys, I would go for the Vaquero, if i wanted the adjustable sights, I would go with the Blackhawk.

    Also strongly give the 45long colt/45acp convertible a look too. Same thing, you can shoot 45 long colt or 45acp though them.

    I don't have any convertibles as of right now.

    One more thing, you might come across Ruger New Vaqueros. Those are not full sized overbuilt Rugers, they are smaller frame guns that are the same size as the Colt SIngle Action Army frames (not nearly overbuilt as an older Vaquero).

  3. roger that, i'll look out for new vaqueros. i don't know if i want to go up to 45(lc or acp) thought. the ammo cost too much.
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    I was going to suggest an old model 10 S&W. .38 and easy to handle. smaller and less expensive. I do see the benefits of 3 calibers though. or just get a 357.
  5. He is wanting a cowboy style gun though. The Smith and Wesson model 10 is a double action revolver. The ones we were discussing were single action cowboy style guns.
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    oops. I just think all revolvers are 'cowboy' guns
  7. no problem man, few months ago i didn't know the different neither.
  8. If you just want a single action to shoot with and perhaps carry hunting as a sidearm then look no farther than the Ruger Blackhawk. These guns are built like a Russian tank and will handle loads that will ruin other single actions.

    If Cowboy Action Shooting is in your future then you have a whole selection of Colt SAA clones to choose from, most popular calibers are .38/.357, .44-40 and .45LC. The .45LC seems to be dominating the market these days and its a wonderful round to work with, especially if you reload. For those who do not reload and shoot on a budget the .38/.357 is the way to go.
  9. As of late, a lot of the top competitors are using 38spcl as their caliber of choice and loading them up so light that they barely get out of the bore. Almost zero recoil so they can keep the sights on target very easy.

    A lot of the guys prefer to shoot 45colt since that was a real cowboy cartridge and real cowboys used it back in the 1800's. The 38spcl/357 didn't come out to much later (20's/30's?).

    I'm building a set of pistols and lever action rifles in each caliber. I currently have 2 Rugers in 357mag and 3 in 45colt and one 38/357 lever action. I want to get another leveraction in 45colt, then I will have 2 sets of guns to choose from.
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    i had an uberti in 45 LC for a while. Good gun, required LOTS of break in time cycling the action until it was smooth. Got tired of the whole cowboy thing and sold it.