UNICOR PASGT Helmet Question

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  1. Templar Warrior

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    Thanks Anna for helping me type and post this since I’m down to one hand now.
    Can anyone give me an absolute positive I.D. on the size of this UNICOR PASGT helmet? I want to buy a new cover and BLSS kit but I have no idea what size this thing is and I don’t want to assume anything.
    Plus I’ve heard “Up to 2 million helmets issued between 1980 and 2006 may have been manufactured with substandard Kevlar clothâ€. Apparently SMC provided UNICOR with some materials that just weren’t up to par and I was wondering if this was one that was made with that bad batch.

    So if its history can be told through all the letters and numbers then please feel free to enlighten me I’m sure this will be an easy one for most of you soldiers out there. Here are the pictures of all the markings. Thanks again Anna.
  2. Silicon Wolverine

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    IIRC the helmets made with inferior materials were recalled but some may have slipped through. as to size, just compare it by measure to a known size hat.


  3. Thayldt21

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    All you need is a large Kevlar cover and a regular sweat band.

    you should be able to order it online.

    The L6 Means it is a large. there was only three sizes of cover made Small,medium and large. The sweat band Witch holds it on your head is an adjustable one size fits all. You adjust it using the velcro. When you purchase the band it is Manilla(SP) colored and has directions.

    and Yes they are PVT Murphy proof So you should be OK. the AAFES Clothing and sales might still Have this item I am not sure.

    You may have to ind it at a surplus store.