Unicorn season!

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  1. Unicorn season opens tomorrow!

    And, of course, to hunt this legendary and mythical creature, one must employ a legendary and mythical firearm.

    And what better choice than the elusive Hi-Point that my sister’s brother-in-law’s postman’s next-door-neighbor’s pastor’s milk-man heard about on Maury Povich? You know: the one that brought down the twin towers? Yeah, that one.


    The one that blew up, throwing the remnants of a fragmenting slide backward into the craniums of fourteen bystanders? One by one? While each waited in turn?

    Yeah, that one. I found it, and bought it. And I’m heading out, in pre-dawn frost, to take my place in a candy-cane blind, overlooking Sugar Candy Mountain, waiting, in silent anticipation, for that unicorn.


    OK: backing up a bit: I thnk that this 995 was owned by a reloader who was distracted, while measuring powder, by a phone call and a wee dram of Old Grandad.
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    That carbine needs some TLC, send it home to Daddy (Me) and I'll fix that little girl up like new! Then it will disappear like the Unicorn in the dark recesses of my gun safe.

  3. You have Unicorns in your Gun Safe!!!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:

    THAT'S where they all went!!!! :wink:
  4. What the heck do you feed those things? :wink:
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    Yes. He bought it from the Narnia Sports Warehouse.
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    Did someone try to de-mil the stock? :lol:
    That thing is pretty sad looking, but just needs some love.
    What is the tab looking thing coming off the back of the reciever cover?

    GM is saving his unicorns for BOVs :wink:
  7. I don't know what happened, but the broken receiver suggests that whatever it was, it happened, uh, 'unexpectedly' and engendered much excitement :D

    As for the tab, it's something that was welded on. My guess, for what little it's worth, is that the stock was in pieces and, like you suggest, a bubba tried to improvise a de-mil job using the piece of the stock that was left. Notice, by the way, how many miscellaneous parts are missing.

    I think it's fortunate that this project was abandoned, since -- had it been completed -- the next range trip could have been even more stimulating than the last!
  8. Please tell me that you are going to rebuild that 995....
  9. Yes.

    Background: I found it, and thought it might be a good project. I started matching the parts in the photo against those in the 995 manual to determine how bad the situation was.

    It was bad, as you can see.

    I emailed Hi-Point service, with pix, asking if parts might be available for a project gun. They replied: That's probably not a good idea: we'd rather fix it, if the serial number on the receiver is legible. Get in touch with the factory to make sure they agree.

    I call the factory, and the conversation is much the same: I describe the deplorable state of the 995, and "Giggle -- I've seen a lot worse!" We trade comments about its history, abuse, and -- NO: it's not safe to do this as a project; we'd rather fix and test it than send out parts." (Not verbatim -- my recollection of the exchange.)

    It was only after these conversations that I bought it: I wanted to verify with HP service ahead of time that: yes, they'd do this on the up and up. I didn't want to hit them unexpectedly with a wierd claim.

    So: I'll send it in, and they can decide, after inspection, whether they really want to sign off on this. If so, I'm ordering a scope and a bunch of mags and accessories to go with it, to offset their cost. The legendary free mag for service? Hell no -- they're already doing too much if they're fixing it.

    This company is altogether too cool.
  10. that was amazingly worded dude. :lol:
  11. Praise from Jones: I'm not worthy!
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    Looks like the carbine version of the jig-saw... and you were calling mine ugly?
  13. Yes you are! Personally, my eyes flowed like water from preposition to phrase and suspended my breath on every noun and adverb.... :wink:

    Dude, you could seriously write a novel.. I was seriously enraptured. :shock: :D

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    Now I'm just curious. How do you hunt unicorns and where can I get my permit to hunt them as I feel they aren't using a regular hunting licence

    Do you ahve to bait them and if so what do they eat? Or how do you call them as I've never seen a unicorn call sold anywhere and jsut where are they usually scene? I mean what part of the country cause I've never seen em in the Northeast nor the Southeast :?
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    Ok, I need to know where you found that gem, and I'm also curious as to how much less than $30 you paid for it. :shock:
    I could use a few of those. :lol:

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    "Only a cad and a bounder would actually shoot and kill a unicorn."

    Sad but true! I wonder how many of the "Great White Hunters" will be trying for one just to hang the trophy on the wall?
  17. It was on GunBroker (under Parts, rather than Rifles):

    $21 - Purchase price
    $12 - Shipping to my FFL
    $25 - FFL fee
    $9 - Shipping to Beemiller
    $68 - Four mags

    $135 - Total, with six mags

    It came back, appropriately, on Christmas eve.

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    Unicorns abound, but them virgins are as rare as hens teeth....