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  1. Well, just got back from the range with my "Mom" fixed Hi Point C9. The extra magazine I bought for it with the higher capacity, wouldn't l;oad a round. The extra magazine the sent me sent all rounds through with no problems. The Magazine that came with it would jam, like before,every three to four rounds. Calling the factory AGAIN tomorow or Tuesday, see what can be done. I'm pretty fed up with it. The 45 ACP again shot flawlessly, 100 rounds through it, no problem!!!!
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    did you try adjusting the lips ie. edges of the non functioning mag?
    assuming you did, but you didn't mention it....

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    You know, I'm not trying to be stupid here, but it seems to me that I hear more negative reports about the 9mm handguns from Hi Point than I do about the .40's or .45's. I only have the JHP in .45 ACP, and I can say that I love that gun! I have just around 300 rounds through mine now with ZERO malfunctions. I have a Fobus paddle holster for it and it carries nicely with a coat on. I am sorry that you are having issues with your 9mm. Some guys here have had some really good luck with their 9mm Hi Points.
  4. That's what I'm going to do next. The extra magazine they sent inside the gun worked perfectly. The original magazine was the one that was jamming every 2-4 shots. The high capacity is the magazine that wouldn't load at all. I was trying to sell it to a friend of mine, as I bought a Ruger P95, have ran 250 rounds through that pistol, no problemsa at all. So I'm going to adjust the two that ddn't work and see if I can sell it here locally. I'm just fed up with it. My Hi Point 45 ACP works perfectly everytime. They said at Mom's that they buffed and polished the ramp, and since it jammed with the two magazines that were not sent out, so they weren't in the pistol, I'm guessing that's the problem. Will have to read up again on adjusting the lips, do that and see if my friend will take another look at it.
  5. I agree with you. My 45 ACP works flawlessly, unless I get lazy and do not clean and oil it regularly. The 9's seem to have the most problems, seems like they would try and fix that???? Like I said, I just went and bought a Ruger P95 and have had no troubles with it at all. I was running federal ammo through the Hi Point, and Ruger I have ran Federal, CCI Bazer Alluminum and Brass, and remington through it with no problems. That's probably why I went out and bought a Ruger SR40, took it to the range today, 100 rounds, perfect everytime.
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    Sorry to hear your C9 woes! I just had mine out again and shot with no issues. What kind of rounds are you using in yours? Round nose FMJs or HPs? Could be the mag or could be the rounds.

    If nothing else send the mag(s) back to MOM, surely they will send a replacement. Best of luck, don't give up on the C9, once it is right it is a great gun!
  7. When I got 2 (more) 10 round mags a while back, both had issues. One would not load a round into my C9 at all (bullet nose pointed down), the other, after loading 10 rounds into the mag, would expel them all like a bullet fountain when I tapped the back or bottom to seat them properly. It was funny but annoying... After about an hour with a multi tool, some snap caps and a little cussing, they both load and feed flawless. (yes, I have used them at the range with live ammo) The C9 is a great gun, but they do have questionable quality control when it comes to the mags...
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    sounds like mags to me, mine doesnt shoot worth a crap with 10-rounders but is fine with 8 rounders
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    I've shot 500 rounds through my C9 and never had any jams or feed problems. The only thing I've ever done is when I get a new mag I load it and leave it for a couple weeks. All of them I have shot flawlessly after that.
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    Y2K01HD is this the C9 you have listed in the trading zone? If you want to sell it my sister is going into law enforcement and wants a C9 to take to the range. We can even get an FFL to do a transfer on it.
  11. Yes it is the one listed on the trading site. If interested let me know