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  2. Good for them - I hope it goes to trial too - no settlement. Make this a visible as possible for all to see.

  3. I hope they have to pay out the ass for the crimes they committed against him. He did nothing wrong. This is why i drive evrywere.
  4. NEW JERSEY SUCKS!!! I'm a native son of NJ and I've since rescinded my "membership". This crap is the status quo in NJ, and I just got sick of it. Back in 92 I was arrested for possession of an illegal weapon, illegal ammo, etc. I was facing a 3 yr sentence. All that for a EFFING BB GUN!!! I had no freakin idea that they were considered "firearms" in NJ. I got damn lucky that the judge knew it was a BS charge and gave me probation instead, and dropped the charge so it only reflects as "Pre Trial Intervention". As soon as I saw the window of opportunity to leave, I RAN!!!
    I HATE that state. I hope this guy walks away with a HUGE WAD of NJ's Taxpayer $$!!! Even if he blows it on hookers and beer, it would be better job than what the politicians are doing with it. Maybe then the TP's will get off their collective apathetic ass and do something to fix the state. How can people just sit idly by when the state gov't goes freakin bankrupt?!?!?!? Un-freakin-believable...
    Ok, I'm ranting...sorry...
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    I have followed this, and agree with the situation: SNAFU

    Glad to see legal action being taken.
  6. Ernie, you are assuming the politicians aren't going to use it for hookers and beer, aren't you??????? :lol:
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    Man i hope this guy sets precidence.
  8. Thank God some of us still live in the US of A. Hope that guy wins BIG BIG BIG money and spends it any way he see's fit.
  9. Nah -- he's just saying that the hookers and beer should go to those who deserve them.
  10. Damn Skippy...
    I was thinking of the 16 yrs I spent in NJ, I had never once met a "good" or "nice" or "civil" cop. They were all pompous, bullying A-holes. I used to have fun with these douchebags; I'd be going to get morning coffee at one of the many 7-11's or Dunkin Donuts, and there'd be a 5-0 in there. I'd say "good morning" to them and get a kick on how fast their hand would go for the sidearm! LMAO! Ah, fun times...Oh, and never ONCE did any of them return the greeting. They'd always give me a sideways look, wishing I'd do something "stupid" so they could have a reason to beat me down. HA!!!
    Also, it would seem that they just passed the new Handgun ban yesterday. Have fun reading this...

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    You noted, I am sure, that it was Port Authority first?
  12. Yep, the Port Authority is just another jurisdiction, right along with with state, county, and local cops. Although the PA is spread across NJ, NY, and CT, it is still regulated to not only the agreed upon laws within their "realm" it also applies to the existing state laws. For those that don't know, the PA is a police force that covers mostly all public transportation in the region; trains and stations, buses and terminals, tunnels and bridges, and the big three airports. It was basically created so there was a common policing entity to control all the folks that commute between the three states. If you make a faux paux in PA jurisdiction, they also call in local PD to apply any local violations and use that local jail. Fun stuff.
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    Dude he's from Utah. He will probably spend all his money Jello and sprite.
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