Update on my wife.

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  1. Yesterday, I called the hospital and when the nurse answered I asked how she was doing. The nurse replied "I'll let her tell you herself" and I heard her ask "Would you like to talk to your husband?" Then I heard "Hi Babe. How're you?"

    I can't tell you what a joy it was to hear her voice. We talked about 10-15 minutes before she got tired and I asked her to put the nurse back on. Praise GOD! Just to be well enough to be up to talking on a phone is a miracle. It's only been two weeks (yesterday).

    The nurse told me that she's staying awake longer, and talking more. A lot of what she says doesn't make sense. She's still suffering from the affects of the swelling of the brain, and the drugs which have kept her in a dream state, but she knows what I'm talking about and who I'm talking about when I mention a particular person.

    So Glory to God and Praise Him to the heavens. PRAISE GOD. She is getting better.

    Please continue to pray for us. For her healing, and for me to have the strength to get through each day.

    Thank you all for everything.
  2. Glad to hear every things looking up. You two will be on my mind this holiday, please keep you chin up and the updates coming.

  3. Cajun, that is great news. She's making great progress. Just be sure to take care of yourself and don't worry about more than one day at a time. God does wonderous things every day. God Bless.
  4. Hey CB, glad things are improving.
  5. Good news cajun. Hopefully you can give us another great update when the swelling goes down. In my prayers she will be kept.

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    Glad to here she's doing better as always prayers on the way
  7. CB,

    We will keep you and your wife in our prayers for sure. Take care and keep up posted.

  8. Very glad to hear of the improvement, please keep us posted on her progress, you have my best wishes on her full recovery
  9. That's good news, Cajun!!!! Thanks for the update. I'll pass it on to our prayer groups!
  10. God is good my friend, and He answers prayer. Just thank Him for what He's done for you and your wife and never forget that He loves you!
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    Well, I have no idea what happened, and don't feel obligated to tell me, but congrats on the good news of her getting better, my prayers will be with her.
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    Thats great to hear Cajun. Keep the faith brother. I know that the Lord is watching over your family. Trust in Him and let His hand guide you.

    I cannot remember right now where it found but there is a scripture that states " I never said it would be easy, I said it would be worth it". Come to thing about it, its not scripture (which would explain why I could not remember where it was in the scriptures). Either way there will be challenges ahead but your on your way to getting through them.
  13. Praise His name! That's great, man. Keep us posted! I'll keep y'all on my prayer list.
  14. Thank God she is getting better. We will continue to pray for you both. Now you should wait a few weeks to talk to her bout that glock issue again :wink: :D
  15. Cajun......... I'm so happy for you both. Keep moving forward man cause we're all right here behind you!
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    Cajun, man that is great news, good to hear man. I hope she's home real soon.

    Did you ever get her Glock painted pink?
  17. Cajun: I'm late here, but it sounds like the prayers of others have already kicked in, and mine are on the way. My best hopes are with you both!
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    Thats great news Cajun!!!!!

    I'll continue to pray for you and yours.