Update on my wife.

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  1. Praise the Lord!! She's out of the ICU, and in a semi-private room in the intermediate care section of the hospital. When I was up today, she was awake, and could answer questions, but she does seem to "get hung up" on certain things, like the words to "Here comes Santa Clause." It really bugged her that she couldn't remember them, but other than that, she's pretty much Sandy. She was able to pull herself up with her arms, and push with her legs to move around in the bed to get more comfortable. She could match people up with who was married to who. She even knew it was a trick question when I asked her what Wally's wife's name is. She thought a minute then said "Wally isn't married."

    She's not "well" yet, but she is MUCH better, praise be to God!
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    That is so goos to hear!
  4. Great to hear....................
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    good to hear, hope she whacked you upside the head for trying to trick her though :lol: seriously though, best of wishes.
  6. Glad to hear shes doing better.
  7. Glad to hear she is improving. The brain is amazing how it can rewire itself, but some things will take time. You are getting the greatest Xmas gift possible. God Bless.
  8. Thank god she sounds like she is getting better!! Her prognosis sounds much brighter than my wife's with the same time line.

    if you don't mind me asking, where was her aneurysm in her brain? My wife's was in her right temporal lobe which didn't affect her reading or writing or ability to speak but did affect her cognitive abilities such as math/reasoning/calendar/time related things.

    It sounds like her aneurysm was in a different spot.

    All I can say is that I'm very happy with recovery so far.
  9. Bob, my wife's was pretty much in the same place. She can read, as we established yesterday when I took her some Christmas cards we'd gotten. She know who people are, knows their names, can speak just fine, although it's a little slow, but no worse than you'd expect from someone who's been sick for while. She can move everything, and has been sitting up on the side of the bed, and standing with help from the PT people.

    She does seem to have some problems with her short term memory, and can't remember what year it is, but seems to understand now that it's close to Christmas. Yesterday was the first time she answered "In the hospital" to the question "Do you know where you are?" She didn't know which hospital, but that didn't surprise me. I'd never heard of this one before either. She is beginning to understand what's happened to her, and to understand why she feels confused.

    The aneurysm was located in a place where it was releativly easy to get to the surgeon said, Praise the Lord for that.

    The progress seems slow, but I understand from people who've been through it, that she is doing very well.

    Thanks for all your prayers and concerns. You can't know how much we appreciate it. When I tell her that people on all the boards I post on are praying for her, she get misty eyed, and says "You tell them all, I love them so much."

    Consider yourselves told.

    Now that I think of it. So do I.
  10. I got teary-eyed just reading this update. What a bunch of tough guys.

    God Bless you both and know we're still pulling for you guys.
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    Good luck and God bless to both you and your wife. I guy I used to work with had one of these several years ago and apparently acted much as you are saying your wife is acting with the memory thing and such. He was even a bit like that when he came back to work but it soon passed and I know since I worked directly with him. Now days you can't tell anything ever happened to him and since we are in IT, memory and thinking clearly is at a premium. The human body is amazing!!
  12. Glad to hear things are still improving. We're still praying and pulling for ya, man!
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    Very happy to hear she is continuing to get better! The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." (James 5:16b
  14. That's awesome Cajun, keep us posted as things progress. We love you and are praying for you and your wife.
  15. Thanks everyone. Just to further update, she has improved enough that she's being transfered to a rehab facility today (or so the rumor goes). hasn't happened yet, but I'm told it will.

    This will good not just for her, but for me also. The hospital where she has been is 60 miles north of where we live. I work 80 miles south, so it's been a long commute some days to go see her. The new place is on the way to work, so I'll be able to see her more, and save a lot of driving, and miss the DC traffic nightmare (which I must admit has not really been to bad for me) completly.

    Praise the Lord!
  16. Great news Cajun! You'll have more chances to visit without wearing yourself down.
  17. Awesome Ragin Cajun! She'll be home soon and keeping you in line before you know it. :)
  18. Cajun, you got the best Christmas present of all.

    May the blessings continue!