Update on my wife.

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  1. (For those of you who don't know, or who are new, my wife suffered a near fatal ruptured brain aneurysm back in November.)

    My wife, (Sandy/Misty) was sitting in front of the TV, when she suddenly stood up and said, "I need to fix lunch." Quickly moving to the kitchen, she got her "stuff" together and got started.


    I came in to check on how she was doing and see if she needed any help.


    It didn't take long to find out that she was doing just fine, and didn't need my help at all.

    After lunch, she got up and cleaned up the mess that somehow or the other had become my fault.

  2. Really glad to hear that she is doing so well. I know you must be relieved. I am happy for you both :)

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    Great progress!
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    I think Newskate9 said it best... something to the affect of "This forum has a direct link to the big guy upstairs."
    I'm happy that your wife has recovered well, and hope her many more years with you.
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    Glad to hear she is doing good! God bless
  6. Well Cajun, I was gonna comment on your manhood and not taking care of business.......... till I saw the rolling pin and a bit of a look of determination. Time to stand down my friend!

    I am SO happy to see and hear how well she is doing. Sooooo good for you both!!!!

    Dear God, ya done well, Lord. Ya done well. Amen.
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    very good news, indeed.
    God be with you both.
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    That's great! Give her a hug for us.
  9. glad to hear it. and thank God for the love He has for us.
  10. Wifes mother died suddenly of an aneurysm in her early 40's. Out of 12-13 kids in that family 6-7 died of the same thing. Two aunts have had them coiled already. Very scary. The wife has been getting exams every 5 years as part of a heredity study at Mayo Clinic. So far so good. Of course we also have to keep a very close eye on our two children.

    I'm glad your wife is doing well. Hopefully this is the last you guys have to worry about such an incident.
  11. Thats great my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Great! If she can swing a rolling pin like that, she must be back in shape. Congratulations and blessings to you both!
  13. thats great man..awesome.
  14. Glad to hear it! To her (and your) continued good health!
  15. It's great to hear from you again here on the forum, mister! Especially with such terrific news! :D
  16. Praise God!!! Keep up the prayers! She has come a long way!
    VERY good news!
  17. Awsome...but don't forget to duck!
  18. Awesome! Good job she is doing so well.

    We found out the other day that my wife has a titaianum plate in her head from her ruptured anerisum and repair job. The doctor told her to tell airport security about it if they question her. LOL
  19. Dude - I'm dying to know...... how do you find out you have a titanium plate? Isn't that something you'd know? :shock: :shock: :D :D
  20. Uhhhhh, really!!!!