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    Ok, so I haven't been around for a bit and some have noticed. Dunno how.... but anyways.

    The short version:

    I have moved back to Phoenix, and am currently without home internet connection since I'm staying with my family who live about 90 miles SOUTH of Phoenix where I'm working. I should have full internet access (or at least more regular) on the 8th when I get into my own place again. I've also formally notified IATSE union management that I'm retiring as a union Theatrical Technical Director and I'm going to go to the "other" union (Actor's Equity) to become certified as a Stage Manager. It's more of the production end and more mental than physical, which is good considering my health is still lousy. Believe it or not: It's all in all a great move and while I've been offline for a few, I will soon be back to regular service keeping the political terms in check and expousing more of my civil-rights law knowledge (speaking of which, I have new info for those who are fighting the ammo-coding ban proposed in the Arizona senate that will be posted later).

    Thank you for the patience, and for those in AZ who have yet to hear from me since I've moved back: Have Patience! I've been working every day since I've been back to make money to get my new place so I WILL be free within the next week.

    That is all. Carry on...and...er....stuff.
  2. Good to hear. You've been gone and, yes, we've noticed. :)

  3. neo, you dont know me from adams off ox, but I do miss you on here. I do read most if not all of your things on here. and I have been sort of missing your pithy witt. not bad for a red neck from Texas.but I too have a love for the MNs and the cz pistols, not to mention the HP guns of all types. so hurry back :lol:
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    Yea, you and primal both have been gone. Things have gotten a little slow around here, hurry back when you can!
  5. Hey, I'm back, and Welcome Back to the Liberal Moderator.... It would be good to see you back around on a regular basis Neo.
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    dang, i knew it was feeling to "right" around here. Just bustin your chops Neo, you know who loves ya. (Primal, not me :lol: )

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