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  1. Good day. Got an EMP for Christmas and have my story to tell. This may be long so feel free to dose off while reading!

    So far I've put 300 rounds through it, FMJ and JHP's with no issues, not a single one. Shooting as fast as I can pull the trigger I'm hitting in 8x11 COM on a body target at 25 feet. On the bench, shooting for spread, it hits 2" diameter at 30 feet. Not to shabby for a 3" barrel. It's narrower than my C9 and my double stack M&P and XD. Another trip to the range, and getting the holster figured out and we'll graduate to carry gun.

    Holster. I ordered an UBG holster for my M&P then decided mid stream to go with the holster for the EMP. I sent Nate an Email at UBG holsters and he "called" me on my cell phone. Not only could he make the change, he had the exact holster I needed for sale. I rec'd it two days later! Needless to say - do your research on UBG holsters and Nate and add me to the list you find. He's top notch and a great guy to talk to. The holster is pictured below with the gun.

    Sorry for the number of pics, I got carried away. Also, this qualifies as "new" entry for showing my carry setup. It's not there just yet, but it's close.

    THE PICS - clickable thumbnails - it's a photobucket feature I just found and it may be a bit "easier" on your bandwidth.

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    Firstly I would like to say. YOU SUCK. How lucky are you that you got a new EMP for Xmas. You must be Irish or something. Congrats on the Xmas gift of the year. I am green with envy.

    Looks like a great set up.
    If you can give a full review after you have had more time at the range.

  3. Taurus said the same thing....... the "you suck" part that is..... Thanks for reminding me! :lol: :lol:
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    I would love to have one! They are so nice.... But that price tag holds me way back :wink: Please tell us more and shoot a video of you shooting it
  5. What did the holster cost you?

    Oh yeah... congrats on the Christmas gift and as others said... YOU SUCK! :)
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    ..Eh.. I don't like it.
    Haha just kidding. Congrats, she's pretty.
  7. The holster was $60 delivered priority mail. The "new" one for the M&P would've run $78 I think. The holster looks sweet but it's VERY different from what I'm wearing. I need more time with it before I toss in.
  8. Newskate9........

    I am speechless..... that gun is sick!!!!!!!!!!! That, and you DO SUCK!!!!!!!