update on www.brass-plus.com, wilton ND

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    ok guys i spoke with teh fellow up at brass plus in wilton and here is the scoop. he cannot do any deliveries nor orders as he is locked out of his shop by court order. the only reason his website is still up is because the court is making him keep it up. he said his lawyers are telling him to say 12 months minimum before he can accept any orders or do any casting work. all his equipment is locked up and he siad by the time he gets back to it most likely it will be damaged beyond repair (we all know how sensitive to water casting stuff is), and he will be out of the bulet casting business. he said he has lots of brass on hand but cant sell any of it until the divorce is settled. he described it as "extremly messy" and his ex was fighting tootha nd nail for every cebnt she can get. looks like one less source of stuff for a while.

  2. That sucks.

    Well if he is going to go out of business because of a divorce anyhow then maybe it is best that stuff gets ruined so it won't be worth anything to her either.

    Sounds like he married my ex.

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    You know what they say... If it has tits or tires, it's gonna give you problems.