Update - Quad rail Version 3 short

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  1. UPDATE:

    Ok, I finnaly got some time to work on the quad rail concept. I wanted to make some basic changes from the last design:

    1. Make rails shorter
    2. Increas thickness of top rail (rigidity)

    Here it is:




    ... personally, I like it. All there is to do now is cut one more mount to test the feel and make an aluminum prototype for me... and then, you know what.

    Now in order to stave off some of the atacks I'll post some well know oppinions and this way we dont have to fill this thread with clutter:

    GLOCKMAN: I know your going wait untill hi point come out with their stock.

    That is all.
  2. Strangerous

    Strangerous Member

    It keeps getting better and better Bushman98, good job!

  3. Sweet! Your skill continues to amaze me, good sir.
  4. So far, I've not been captivated at all by the pix of the fothcoming Hi-Point stock, and I've never liked the ATI, and so I've considered whether to keep my factory stock (with mods TBD!) or Bushman's quadrail. The quad, while interesting, had not grabbed me quite yet, but this iteration shoves a gat* in my gut and demands all the cash in my wallet.

    Incredible design, and the long flash hider looks great on the exposed barrel!

    * Hi-Point C9 :D
  5. wow that's really nice. Great job.
  6. baileydale

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    Me likey !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. That looks freakin sweet bushman. I love it 8)
  8. that looks cool as hell man.
  9. I like it, looks awsome.
  10. griff30

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    Good job Bushman!
    What red dot scope is that? looks nice!
  11. Ridge

    Ridge Member

    That would be an EOTech...they start at about $350 new...

  12. EoTech, correct. I think my model is the 511 (no night vision capable and uses AA batteries)... also, $350!?!?!... in your dreams... or maybe 2 years ago, check out the current prices they are up to $500!!!

    If you are intrested in getting one... or something similar... check out the Bushnell Holo sight. Its basically the same thing but its not rated for "military use". Also, its about 250 to 300.
  13. Ridge

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    Mine is also a 511, but uses the N-type batteries...got it for $325 with the GG&G quick detach mount...
  14. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    500 dollars? what do they come with? laser guidance systems? build in chronograph? cable? naked hot girl? ...ouch...
  15. Strangerous

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    You gotta pay to play...
  16. Strangerous

    Strangerous Member

    You gotta pay to play... I won't be playing with that little red dot anytime soon! :shock: :lol:
  17. JBos

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    Ok so I'm kind of new to optics.

    What is the difference between that style and a "tubular" red dot?

    I've got a red dot sight that my army buddy said was pretty good quality. Its always worked well for me so I guess "use what works for you" is in effect.

    What makes the one you have there so expensive? And what does "military standard" imply? Thanks!
  18. Well, its rugged. that over over it is probably 3/16" aluminum.

    Its water proof. You can jump into the river with it and not have to worry abou it.

    It has zero parallax. Proven not just claimed.

    Extreamly clear and sharp projection.

    Basically its like almost everything else. The quality goes up as you pay more. Personally I would have not bought one if it wasnt for a group buy that went on at another forum... got it for a steal. If I ever buy another one, it will probably be the bushnell one... save some dough:

  19. Everytime you guys put up another link I have to look at it even if I've already seen it. Next think I know, I've been looking at optics for 15 minutes. I guess I better get my ADD drugs checked since I'm getting side tracked so easy. :?
  20. I know the feeling... thats why I tend not to click on youtube links... specially at work... those will suck you in and keep you in their grasps for hours.